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BARC 2020;Manufacturing Nuclear Quiz 1

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Question 1

In a certain ECM operation, the frontal working area of the electrode is 2000 . The applied current and voltage are 1800 A and 12 V respectively. The material being machined is Nickel (Valency 2) whose specific material rate C=3 .42x. The efficiency of the process is 90% and the resistivity of the electrolyte is 140 ohm-mm , with an overvoltage of 1 .5 V. The MRR in and the working gap respectively are:

Question 2

In orthogonal turning of a cylindrical tube of wall thickness 5 mm, the axial and the tangential cutting forces were measured as 1259 N and 1601 N, respectively. The measured chip thickness after machining was found to be 0.3 mm. The rake angle was 10o and the axial feed was 100 mm/min. the rotational speed of the spindle was 1000 rpm. Assuming the material to be perfectly and Merchant’s first solution, the shear strength of the material is closest to

Question 3

A cylindrical work-piece of diameter 10 cm is turned on a lathe in orthogonal cutting condition using a tool of 15o rake angle. A chip of length 20 cm is obtained while cutting with a depth of cut of 0.6 mm. Then the value of shear plane angle and chip thickness are:

Question 4

During turning a C–15 carbon steel rod of 200 mm diameter by a carbide tool of ORS geometry: at a speed of 500 rpm, feed of 0.16 mm/rev and 3 mm depth of cut, the following observations were made
Tangential component of cutting force = 500 N
Axial component of cutting force = 200 N
Chip thickness = 0.54 mm
The value of yield shear strength of work material in MPa under these conditions is

Question 5

The deformation processes in Column I are to be matched with the corresponding states of stress listed in Column II

The correct match will be :

Question 6

Match the following List-1 with List-2


A) full annealing

B) process annealing

C) diffusion annealing

D) spherodise annealing


1) Stress relieving

2) machinability increases

3) Both ductility and toughness increases

4) to homogenize the chemistry of material

Question 7

A cylindrical billet of 50m diameter and 120 mm length is reduced by backward extrusion to a 20 mm diameter. The strength coefficient of material is n=0.25 and a is 0.8 and b is 1.5, K is 750 for Johansons formula. Drawing stress will be:

Question 8

Which of the following is not a line standard?

Question 9

Errors are generally distributed in accordance with the Gaussian distribution is

Question 10

A DC arc welding has its voltage-arc length characteristics given by V= 5+10L , where L=arc length in cm. The power source is approximated as a straight line for which the open circuit voltage is 20 V and the short circuit current is 250 A. The optimum arc length is :
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