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BARC 2020: Industrial Engineering Nuclear Quiz-2

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Question 1

A firm produces a product whose selling price is 20 Rs per unit and the variable cost per unit is 15 Rs. The annual fixed cost of the firm is 140,000 and the estimated capacity of firm is 65000 units of the product. The margin of safety (in units) is __________.

Question 2

In a manufacturing plant, the production rate is 200 items per day and the demand rate is 100 items per day. The setup cost is Rs. 25 per setup and handling cost is Rs. 0.01 per unit per day. If shortages are not allowed, then the minimum total cost for one run is:

Question 3

In the standard form of simplex, which of the following statements are correct?
i) all the resource value should be non - negative
ii) decision values can be negative
iii) all the inequalities are converted to equality

Question 4

A company intends to use exponential smoothing technique for making a forecast for one of its products. The previous year’s forecast has been 78 units and the actual demand for the corresponding period turned out to be 74 units. If the value of the smoothing constant α is 0.2, the forecast for the next period will be

Question 5

In a work stations for a assembly line the balance delay in 15% the following table is given for station time in different work stations

The line efficiency (in %) and smoothness index of assembly line are respectively.

Question 6

In a shop, the demand during lead time varies with time if the past demands during lead times are 210, 240, 270, 160, 190, 220, 166 units. Then the safety stock will be?

Question 7

A transportation problem consists of 2 sources and 3 demand centers. Each cell represents the cost of transportation per unit. After no. of iterations using VAM, the transportation cell matrix is as given

Determine the total cost of transportation of units ?

Question 8

The forecast data for the months of april, may, june have 30%, 30%, and 40% weightage.

What will be the forecast for the month of july ? The demand for the months is 200, 145 & 190 respectively.

Question 9

For the following set of activities, determine the expected project completion time.

Question 10

A shopkeeper serve 5 customer/hour and remain idle during 30% of time. The average waiting time of customer in the system is ____ minutes.
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