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Question 1

what will be the total transportation cost using north west rule

Question 2

Assignment problems of maximization type are converted into minimization type by

Question 3

The structure of Fe3C in iron carbon diagram is

Question 4

 Find the radiation heat exchange between two large parallel steel plates of emissivities 0.7 and 0.5 held at temperatures of 1000 K and 500 K respectively, if a thin copper plate of emissivity 0.1 is introduced as a radiation shield between the two plates is?

Question 5

The pressure drop in a 200 mm diameter horizontal pipe is 50 KPa over a length of 20 m. the shear stress at the pipe wall is

Question 6

A long column of uniform cross-section hinged at one end and clamped at another able to sustain a buckling load P. What will be the maximum Euler buckling load when the length of the column is doubled and both ends are hinged.

Question 7

Select the best options from below, which correctly matches the ‘Product’ (List A) with the ‘Manufacturing Process’ (List B):

Question 8

During the measurement of roughness, the heights of successive peaks and valleys were measured from a datum as;

Peaks -   25  23  30  35

Valleys-  11  15  19  13

If these measurements were obtained over a length of 25mm. Then average over definite ordinates () and RMS values (respectively) are (in

Question 9

A tubular heat exchanger is to be design for cooling from a temperature of 800C to 300C by a large stagnant water which may be assumed to remain constant at a temperature of 200C. The heat transfer surface consist of 30 m long straight tube of 20 mm inside diameter. The oil (specific gravity =0.8) flows through cylindrical tube with an average velocity of 50 cm/s. The overall heat transfer coefficient is 298.7 W/m20C. The heat transfer through the heat exchanger is _____________ kW.

Question 10

One mole of an ideal gas is compressed to half of its initial volume and also simultaneously heated to twice its initial temperature. The entropy change of the gas in this process is :

Question 11

The mass of a single degree damped vibrating system is 8 kg. If the amplitude of vibration reduces to  of its initial value after four Oscillations. Then the ratio of amplitude of third oscillation to its initial value will be:

Question 12

An automobile company hires a repairmen to repair machines that break down in a poisson fashion. The average rate of breakdown is 2/half-hour. The repairmen charge Rs. 70/hr and average repair rate is 7/hr. What is the non-productive cost of machine/hr, if the cost of non-productive machine time is Rs. 96/hr.

Question 13

If u=then what will be the expression for  ?

Question 14

A DC arc welding has its voltage-arc length characteristics given by V= 5+10L , where L=arc length in cm. The power source is approximated as a straight line for which the open circuit voltage is 20 V and the short circuit current is 250 A. The optimum arc length is :

Question 15

An air standard Otto cycle operates between the temperature limits of 300K and 1400K. The cylinder has stroke volume of 1400 cc and clearance volume of 200 cc. The heat (Kj/kg) rejected to the surrounding per kg of circulated air is?

Question 16

A flat steel plate is of trapezoidal form. The thickness of the plate is 15 mm and it tapers uniformly from a width of 60 mm to a width of 10 mm in a length of 300 mm. The elongation of the plate under an axial force of 120 kN is ______ mm.
[Take E = 2.04 × 105 N/mm2]

Question 17

A natural gas pipeline network was established in the Indian capital Delhi recently. Between any two locations P and Q, the measurements were . The temperature measurements were . Assuming the flow direction is from

Question 18

Each ball of a Porter governor has a mass of 6 kg and the mass of the sleeve is 40 kg. The upper arms are 300 mm long and are pivoted in the axis of rotation whereas the lower arms are 250 mm long and are attached to the sleeve at a distance of 40 mm from the axis. Determine the effort of the governor for 1% change in speed, if radius of rotation of the governor is 150 mm.

Question 19

The following equation x3− 2x− 5 = 0 needs to be numerically solved using the Newton-Raphson method. The iterative equation for this purpose is __________ (k indicates the iteration level).

Question 20

Find the project completion time and difference between total float and independent float of activity H for the given activities ____________.

Question 21

In a binomial distribution, the mean is 9 and the standard deviation is √6. The product of total number of trials and probability of failure of the event in each trial is

Question 22

Calculate the air-standard efficiency of a Diesel engine having a clearance volume of 1420 cc, bore & stroke of the cylinder as 225 mm & 375 mm respectively, with the cut-off of fuel occurring at 6% of the stroke. (Take γ = 1.4 for air).

Question 23

A rigid tank when the temperature is 10˚C and the pressure is 150kPa. On a hot day, the temperature in the tank reaches 50˚C. Assume ideal gas behaviour. If a small hole is drilled in the tank and the gas escapes isentropically to the atmosphere, then the velocity(m/s) of escaping air is? (Patm = 100kPa, Cp = 1kJ/kgK and )

Question 24

A liquid of specific gravity 1.5 is discharged from a tank through a siphon whose summit point is 1.2 m above the liquid level in tank. The siphon pipe has a diameter of 0.1 m and it discharges the liquid into atmosphere at 100 kPa. If liquid vapour pressure is 28 kPa, the safe location of outlet is ______ m below the liquid level in the tank.

Question 25

A solid disc of mass 2.5 kg is rolling without slipping from the top of an incline whose angle of inclination is 30° with the horizontal. The speed of the center of mass of the disc at the bottom of the incline is __________.

Question 26

A wall of 0.5 m thickness is to be constructed from a material which has an average thermal conductivity of 1.4 W/m-K. The wall is to be insulated with a material having an average thermal conductivity of 0.35 W/m-K so that the heat loss per square metre will not exceed 1450 W. Assuming that the inner and outer surface temperature are 1200 °C and 15 °C respectively. The thickness of insulation required is ____ metre.

Question 27

In a fatigue loading test, the amplitude ratio is denoted by . Let R denote the stress ratio for the condition. The correct relation between  and R is :

Question 28

The steam is expanded isentropically in steam turbine from 20 bar, 350°C to 0.08 bar and then it condensed to saturated liquid water in condenser. The pump feeds back the water into boiler. Neglect losses in the processes, the cycle efficiency (in percentage) is
Given data: At P = 0.08 bar, hfg = 2403.1 kJ/kg, sfg = 7.6361 kJ/kg K, vf = 0.001008 m3/kg
h1 =3159.3 kJ/kg, s1 = 6.9917 kJ/kg K, h3 = 173.88 kJ/kg, s3 = 0.5926 kJ/kgK,

Question 29

Consider a slider on a rotating link. The slider has a velocity of 2m/s & is accelerating at 4m/s2 away from centre of rotation as shown:

The link is rotating at 5 rad\sec. The net acceleration of the slider is __________.

Question 30

Heat flow through an evaporator is analyzed. The walls are assumed to be plane, and following are the parameters found : Rate of heat transfer = 64 kW, heat transfer coefficient for hot and cold fluids are 115 W/m2K and 95 W/m2K respectively, thermal conductivity of wall is 200 W/mK. If the thickness of the wall is 10mm. What will be the Overall heat transfer coefficient ?

Question 31

What will be the deflection at the location 'a' where the load W acts, 
W = 45kN 
L = 3m, a = 1m, 
EI = 4.16×105 N-m2

Question 32

What is the permeability number of a  of air that takes 1.5 minutes to pass through a standard cylindrical specimen if pressure is 5.

Question 33

The lewis form factor of a gear is given by_____.

Question 34

The moment of inertia of a beam section which is 500 mm deep is 69.49 × 107 mm4. The maximum stress in the beam is not to exceed 110 N/mm2. The maximum span of the beam is _______ m, when simply supported at the ends and could carry a uniformly distributed load of 50 kN per metre length.

Question 35

The circulation around a area having rectangular field defined by: x = 1, y = 1, x = 5 and y = 4  for the velocity field of u = 2x + 3y, v = – 2y will be ______ units.

Question 36

Maximise  Z =3a+2b

Constraints are

a + b 4

a — b ≤ 2

a, b ≥ 0

Question 37

A water turbine delivering 10 MW power is to be tested with the help of a geometrically similar 1 : 16 model, running at the double speed as that of the prototype. The power developed by model will be

Question 38

The state of stress at a point is given as, σx = 140 MPa, σy = 80 MPa and τxy = 40 MPa. What will be the diameter of the Mohr circle _________?

Question 39

In an air-conditioning process, sensible heat factor is 0.82 and 6kJ/min heat is extracted from a room. What is the rate at which latent heat is extracted?

Question 40

Air at 298K is passed over the coils of a heater maintained at 340K. The outlet air is found to have a temperature of 315K. Calculate the efficiency of the heating coil?

Question 41

For an otto cycle volumetric efficiency is 90%, desity of air 1 kg/m3, mass flow rate is 0.5kg/s and net power output=1500KW. Find the mean effective pressure.

Question 42

Determine the change in distance from the floor of an object of mass 20N freely hung with the help of a inextensible rope over through a pulley. The 40N mass is at the other end of the rope at a height of 10 m from the floor.

Question 43

An alloy consists of 86% aluminium by weight and remaining 14% copper. Calculate the atom percentage of Aluminium in the composite if atomic weight of copper and aluminium are 63.59g/mole and 27g/mole respectively.

Question 44

The manometer shown contains two liquids. Liquid A has SG = 0.88 and liquid B has SG = 2.95. The deflection h, when the applied pressure difference is is

Question 45

Air (1 atm; 5 ° C) with free stream velocity of 2 m/s flowing over a stationary thin 1 m × 1 m flat plate.
The flat plate has a uniform surface temperature of 35 ° C. If the friction force asserted on the flat plate is 0.1 N, the rate of heat transfer from the plate is ________ W.
Properties of air (1 atm; 20°C) is
ρ = 1.269 kg/m3
Cp = 1006 J/kg-K
μ = 1.729 × 10-5 kg/m-s
Pr = 0.7350

Question 46

A rotor has a mass of 12 kg and is mounted midway on a 24-mm diameter horizontal shaft supported at the ends by two bearings. The bearings are 1 m apart. The shaft rotates at 2400 rpm. If the centre of mass of the rotor is 0.11 mm away from the geometric centre of the rotor due of a certain manufacturing defect, find the magnitude of amplitude of the steady-state vibration (in mm) of the shaft. E = 200 GN/m2.

Question 47

Let. Then the value of by Newton-Raphson method after two iteration is ___________. Take initial value as 3.

Question 48

 Match the following:

Question 49

The value of where V is the region bounded by x=0, y=0, z=0 and 2x + 2y + z = 4.

Question 50

A 10 mm diameter Brinell ball produce an indentation of diameter 1.64 mm in a steel alloy when a load of 500 kg is used. BHN will be ___________ kg/mm2.
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