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BARC 2020: Fluid Mechanics Nuclear quiz 3

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Question 1

A submarine model of 5 m length and 6 m2 of wetted surface area is towed in fresh water at 5 m/s, experiences a total drag of 200 N. The value of wave drag coefficient will be (For fresh water, density =1000 kg/m3, and kinematic viscosity = 1×10-6 m2/s)

Question 2

The condition which necessarily means separation of boundary layer at a point is

Question 3

Calculate the capillary effects (in mm) in a glass tube of 4 mm diameter, when immersed in mercury. The temperature of the liquid is 20 °C and the values of surface tension of water and mercury at 20 °C in contact with air are 0.0735 N/m and 0.48 N/m respectively. The contact angle for mercury is 130°.

Question 4

For a fluid having prandtl no. equal to 6.54 at 18, if the thermal boundary layer thickness is 8cm. Find the boundary layer thickness for the fluid.

Question 5

The 2-D flow with velocity is

Question 6

Kerosene at 20°C is pumped at a rate of 0.15m3/s through a horizontal cast iron pipe of length 20km and 16cm Diameter. Calculate the head loss taking friction coefficient = 0.00565

For Kerosene at 20°C; ρ=801 kg/m3,μ= 1.92x10-3 kg/ms

Question 7

Water of mass density 1000 kg/m3 is transported using a pipe of diameter 40 cm. Flow in the pipe is turbulent. If the flow velocity at the centre and that at a 5 cm distance from centre of pipe are 5 m/s and 4 m/s respectively, then the value of wall shear stress (in Pa) will be

Question 8

A submarine whose radius of gyration is 15m has a period of oscillation of 30s. The nearest metacentric height (m) of the submarine is

Question 9

Glycerin of density 1250 kg/m3 and viscosity 0.72 kg/ms flows through a pipe of 80 mm diameter. If the shear stress at the wall is 300 N/m2, the pressure gradient along the flow is

Question 10

A plate 1 mm distance from a fixed plate, is moving at 500 mm/s by a force induces a shear stress of 0.3 kg(f)/m2. The kinematic viscosity of the fluid (mass density 1000 kg/m3) flowing between two plates (in Stokes) is ________.
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