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BARC 2020: Fluid Mechanics Nuclear quiz 2

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Question 1

The velocity of fluid particle in a 2-D flow field is given by, V = . Calculate the slope of streamline at point (4,2)

Question 2

Match the following

Question 3

Couette flow is characterized by

Question 4

A fluid has an absolute viscosity of 0.05 Pa s and a specific gravity of 0.68. When such a fluid flows over a flat plate, the velocity at a point 75 mm from the surface is 1.25m/s. Assuming parabolic velocity distribution with the vertex at the above said point, the shear stress (in N/m2) at 50 mm from the boundary surface will be

Question 5

Match List-I (Type of fluid with List-II (Variation of shear stress) and select the correct answer:

Question 6

A pipe of 0.4 m diameter and 1500 m length is used to carry an oil of specific gravity 0.75. Take coefficient of friction = 0.0025. The amount of power required to maintain the oil at a rate of 0.1 m3/s will be

Question 7

A geometrically similar hydraulic model of a spillway has been constructed on a scale of 1: 16. If the prototype discharge is 2048 m3/s, what would be the discharge in the model_____? (in m3/s)

Question 8

Determine the temperature at the sea level, if the pressure at sea-level was found to be 101.5 kN/m2. The density of air is taken constant = 1.28 kg/m3. Take R = 274

Question 9

A container with two circular vertical tubes of diameter d1 = 39.5 mm and d2 = 12.7 mm is partially filled with mercury. The equilibrium level of the liquid is shown on the left diagram. A cylindrical object made from solid brass is placed in the larger tube so that it floats, as shown in right diagram. Object is D = 37.5 mm in diameter and H = 76.2 mm high. What will be the new equilibrium level, h of mercury with the brass cylinder in place?
[Given, ]

Question 10

A piston of 7.95 cm diameter and 30 cm long works in a cylinder of 8 cm diameter. The annular space of the piston is filled with an oil of viscosity 3 poise. If an axial load of 18 N is applied to piston, the speed of piston will be
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