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BARC 2020:Engineering Mechanic Nuclear Quiz -1

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Question 1

A stone is dropped from a balloon going up with a uniform velocity of 10 m/s. if the balloon was 40 m high when the stone was dropped, the height of balloon from the ground when the stone hits the ground is (take g = 10 m/s2)

Question 2

Find the maximum value of in the situation shown in figure below so that the system remains at rest. Coefficient of friction at all surface of contact is . Pulley provided is smooth and tan

Question 3

A uniform block weighing 500 kg is constrained by three wires. The tension in wire DB(in kg) will be

Question 4

Two metal balls travelling at velocities v1 and v2 respectively collide with each other. Velocity of first ball before the impact was greater than second.

Considering it as a direct central impact, the velocities after the collision will be;

Question 5

On an inclined plane the cylinder rolls down whose mass is 5Kg and radius 0.7m. determine the rotational kinetic energy when it reaches to foot of the plane if the height of inclined plane is 6m. take g=10m/s2.

Question 6

A truss shown below

Calculate force in member CD and its nature

Question 7

A hammer of weight 10 kg strikes on a block of weight 2 kg with velocity 1 m/s. How much distance does a single hammer blow drives the block (in cm), if ground resistance is known to be 100 N?

Question 8

The triangular shaped framed structure is

Question 9

The number of revolutions made by the wheel of a flywheel which increases its speed from 30 rpm to 60 rpm in 45 seconds are

Question 10

The correct free body diagram for the ladder shown in the figure is (both wall and floor rough)?

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