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Banking GK for IBPS Exams: Part 41

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Question 1

Name the financial service company which received a non-banking finance company license from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?

Question 2

Name the insurance firm which has received the in-principle approval from insurance regulator IRDAI to act as a direct insurance broker?

Question 3

Which of the following given options best describe the “National Debt”;

Question 4

The investments made by banks in non-SLR bonds held in the held-to-maturity category or credit equivalent amount of off-balance-sheet exposure, whichever is higher is called ANBC. What does ‘C’ stand in 'ANBC’?

Question 5

Banks have to set aside or provide funds to a prescribed percentage of their bad assets. The percentage of a bad asset that has to be ‘provided for’ is called ‘PCR’? What does ‘C’ stands for in ‘PCR’?

Question 6

‘FRBM’ Act was enacted in 2003 which set targets for the government to reduce fiscal deficits. In ‘FRBM’, ‘B’ stands for?

Question 7

Expand the term SARFAESI_____.

Question 8

Which of the following banks is a specialized financial institution for financing, facilitating and promoting foreign trade of India?

Question 9

Which of the following unemployment conditions is caused due to long-term unemployment in the economy?

Question 10

Kisan Credit Card (KCC) scheme was prepared by ______.

Question 11

Which among the following is/are the quantitative tools to control Credit creation by RBI?
1) Open Market Operations
2) Repo Rate
3) Margin Requirements
4) Credit Rationing Policy
Choose the correct ones:

Question 12

In India, which of the following organizations is responsible for the sterilization of foreign inflows?

Question 13

The Vijaya Bank Heritage Museum has been inaugurated in which of the following cities?

Question 14

As per the 17th edition of the World Bank’s “Doing Business 2020-Comparing Business Regulation in 190 Economies”, what is India's rank?

Question 15

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has imposed penalties of Rs 1.01 crore on which general insurance company?

Question 16

As per the circular of the Union Ministry of Finance dated September 30, 2019, what will be the interest rate of the five-year Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS)?

Question 17

ICICI Bank has announced to launch a new Fixed Deposit (FD) scheme ‘FD Health’ that will offer the dual benefit of an FD along with free health insurance on opening an FD of Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 3 lakhs for the tenure of at least ________.

Question 18

Name the mobile app launched by the Department of Post for all the post office savings account holders of the CBS (core banking solutions) post offices?

Question 19

On October 14, 2019, in collaboration with the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific’s (ESCAP), which organization released the Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Report (APITR) 2019?

Question 20

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its World Economic Outlook reduced the GDP growth rate of India for the financial year 2019-20 to ________ from 7.3% as announced on July 2019.
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