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Question 1

How much is the average of squares of first n natural numbers less than the average of cubes of first n natural numbers?

Question 2

A number is such that when it is multiplied by 11, it gives another number; which is as much above from 390 as the twice of original number is below 390. The average of the original number and the resultant number is.

Question 3

Three numbers are such that if the average of any two of them is added to the third number, the sums obtained are 168, 174 and 180 respectively. What is the average of the original three numbers?

Question 4

There are three sections A, B and C of class 10th. If number of students in section A, B and C are 105, 63 and 42 respectively and average marks of section A, B, and C in an exam are 63, 67 and 58 respectively. What are the average marks of Class 10th?

Question 5

Average of two numbers is 90 and one of the numbers is twice the other. Find both the numbers.

Question 6

The average income of P, Q and R is Rs. 14000 per month and the average income of Q, R and S is Rs. 18000 per month. If the salary of S is twice to that of P, then the avg. salary of Q and R is:

Question 7

There are 6 consecutive odd numbers in increasing order. If the sum of the squares of the first and the last element is 178, then the average value of all the six numbers is:

Question 8

Average of 40 innings of a cricket player is 45. Difference between his highest and lowest score is 106. Average of remaining 38 innings is 40 then what is his highest score?

Question 9

In a cricket match of 50 over’s the run rate of the first 35 over’s is 5.8 runs/over. Calculate the required run rate in the remaining over’s to reach the target of 314 runs?

Question 10

The average of twelve numbers is 58. The average of the first five numbers is 56 and the average of the next four numbers is 60. The 10th number is 4 more than the 11th number and the 11th number is one less than the 12th number. What is the average of the 10th and 12th numbers?
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