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Question 1

A person lent certain sum of money at 10% per annum simple interest and in 7 years the interest amounted to Rs 300 less than the sum lent. What was the sum lent (in Rs)?

Question 2

At a certain rate of simple interest, a certain sum of money becomes double of itself in 10 years. It will become treble of itself in

Question 3

A certain sum at simple interest amounts to Rs. 1040 in 3 yr and to Rs 1360 in 7 yr. Then, the sum is

Question 4

A sum amounts to Rs.14,395.20 at 9.25% p.A. simple interest in 5.4 years. What will be the simple interest on the same sum at 8.6% p.A. in 4.5 years?

Question 5

A certain sum of money amounts to Rs 918 in 2 years and Rs 969 in 3.5 years at simple interest. What is the rate of interest (in %)?

Question 6

The simple interest on a sum of money is of the sum. If the number of years is numerically equal to the rate percent per annum, then the rate percent per annum is:

Question 7

Prabhat took a certain amount as a loan from a bank at the rate of 8% p.a. simple interest and gave the same amount to Ashish as a loan at the rate of 12% p.a. If at the end of 12 years, he made a profit of Rs. 960 in the deal, then the original amount was:

Question 8

A man invested Description: E:\SSC-17-Feb\SSC-TIER-II-2-8-2010-English_files\image002.pngof his capital at 7%, Description: E:\SSC-17-Feb\SSC-TIER-II-2-8-2010-English_files\image058.pngat 8% and the remaining at 10% rate of simple interest. If his annual income from interests is Rs. 561,The capital invested was

Question 9

Parth took a loan of ₹12000 at simple interest. After 5 years he paid ₹3600 as interest. What is the rate of interest per annum?

Question 10

A and B deposited together Rs. 2000 in a Bank at a rate of 5%. After 3 and 4 years respectively, A and B get equal amounts. What is the share of A?
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