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Question 1

In an examination, average marks of 20% students is 40 marks, average marks of 30% students is 50 and average marks of remaining students is 75. Find the average marks of the all the students?

Question 2

Present age of Reva is 75% more than the present age of Vijay. Ajay is 12 years younger to Reva. Present age of Vijay is 20% less than the present age of Ajay. Find the average age of Reva, Ajay and Vijay after seven years.

Question 3

The average of 10 numbers is calculated as 15. It is discovered later on that while calculating the average one number namely 36 was wrongly read as 26. The correct average is.

Question 4

The average of all prime numbers between 10 and 25 is:

Question 5

25 persons went to a hotel for a party.15 of them spent Rs. 100 each on their dinner and the rest spent Rs. 5 more than the average expenditure of all the 25. What was the total money spent by them?

Question 6

The average weight of a class of 25 students is ‘x’ kg. If a student whose weight is 100 kg is excluded, then the average of the class reduces by 2 kg. Find the value of ‘x’.

Question 7

The average of five consecutive positive integers is n. If the next two integers are also included, then the average of all these integers will

Question 8

At the time of son’s marriage, Average age of mother, father and son is 40 years. 1 year later, a child is born. After 8 years from marriage, the average age of the Family will be 36 years. What is the age of the bride at the time of marriage?

Question 9

Average age of 40 students of a class is 16. When five new students joined the class, the average remains same. Find the average age of new students.

Question 10

Bowling average of a cricket player is 15.6 runs/wicket. If he takes 5 wickets for 15 runs then his average  will improve by 0.2 run then find the number of tickets taken by him?
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