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Question 1

Today the average age of 5 members of Tenant family from flat no. 204 is 40 years. If the present age of the youngest member be 12 years. Calculate the average age of the rest of the family at the birth of the youngest member?

Question 2

In a one day match of 50 overs in an innings the team A had a run rate of 5.3 runs per over. Team B is playing and 5 overs are left and the required run rate to tie the match is 7.2 per over to match the score of Team A. What is team B’s score?

Question 3

In the first 44 overs of a cricket match, the run rate was 5.1 runs/over. Calculate the required run rate in the remaining 6 overs to reach the target of 294 runs?

Question 4

The average marks obtained by a student in 6 subjects is 88. On subsequent verification it was found that the marks obtained by him in a subject was wrongly copied as 86 instead of 68. The correct average of the marks obtained by him is:

Question 5

Average of 5 consecutive even numbers is 10. What is the square of second highest number?

Question 6

The average of fruits offered in a temple in a week was 75. The average of fruits offered in six days excluding Tuesday was 72. How many fruits were offered on Tuesday?

Question 7

Rajesh, Sunil and Navin are brothers. Rajesh earns ₹ 3200 per week and Sunil earns ₹ 4000 per week. How much should Navin earn per day in order to make the income of their family as ₹ 10000 per week.

Question 8

Mahesh buys 3 shirts at an average price of Rs 1250. If he buys 2 more shirts at an average price of Rs 1450 what will be the average price (in Rs) of all the 5 shirts he buys?

Question 9

A retailer has a sale of Rs. 6843, Rs. 6742, Rs. 5690, Rs. 8690, Rs. 9430 for five consecutive months. How much sale he must have in the sixth month so that he gets an average sale of Rs. 7500?

Question 10

Seven friends spent Rs 14 each on a project and the eighth friend spent Rs 21 more than the average expenditure of all eight of them. What is the amount of total money (in Rs) spent by them?
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