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Arithmetical Reasoning Quiz : 01.03.2021

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Question 1

Five students P, Q, R,S and T are sitting on a bench. Q is to the left of P and right of T. S is at the extreme right and R is to the immediate left of S. Who is sitting third from the left ?

Question 2

The ratio of five numbers are 2 : 3 : 4 : 5 : 6. If their average is 100, then find the sum of the smallest and greatest numbers.

Question 3

A fruit seller had some oranges. He sells 60% oranges and still has 540 oranges. Originally, how many oranges he had?

Question 4

Sarita is 7 years older to Lokesh and 7 years younger to Zubin, while Lokesh and Kanhaiya are twins. What is the difference between the ages of Zubin and Kanhaiya?

Question 5

In a row of boys, Punit’s position from the left end is 33rd and Ankit’s position from the right end is 25th. After interchanging their position, Punit’s position becomes 45th from the left end. How many boys are there in the row?

Question 6

The age of Rakhi is twelve times that of her daughter Anubha. If age of Anubha is 3 years now, then what was the age of Rakhi, 2 years earlier?

Question 7

In a row of people Manu is 7th from bottom end of row. Shrey is 10 ranks above Manu. If Shrey is 8th from top end, then how many people are there in this row?

Question 8

Anshul and his grandfather differ in their ages by 50 years. After 6 years, if the sum of their ages is 152. Find their present ages?

Question 9

Alick remembers that his father's birthday is between thirteenth and sixteenth of May whereas his sister remembers that their father's birthday is between fourteenth and eighteenth of May. On which day of May is their father's birthday?

Question 10

The ages of five friends Anshul, Bhumika, Chintu, Dev and Ella with the age difference of 2 years each and the sum of the ages of all friends is  60. What is the age of Chintu?
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