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Arithmetic Mix || 04.03.2021

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Question 1

A is 50% more efficient than B. Working together they finished a work in 15 hours. If B will work alone, how long he will take to finish the same work?

Question 2

Two cyclists started simultaneously towards each other and meet each other 3 hours 20 minutes later. How much time will it take the slower cyclist to cover the whole distance if the first arrived at the place of departure of the second 5 hours later than the second arrived at the point of departure of the first?

Question 3

If a:b = 5:8, find the value of (6a - 5b)/(a + 2b).

Question 4

At 19% discount the selling price of a freezer is Rs 24000, what is the selling price if the discount is 32.5%

Question 5

If the ages of A and C are added to twice the age of B, the total becomes 59. If the ages of B and C are added to thrice the age of A, the total becomes 68 and if the age of A is added to thrice the age of B and thrice the age of C, the total becomes 108. What is the age of A?

Question 6

If 1/2 of tank hold 120 liters of water, then the quantity of water that 1/3 of tank holds is:

Question 7

After deducting 12% from a certain sum and then deducting 25% from the remainder, 2508 is left, then what is the initial sum?

Question 8

In what ratio a retailer should mix two varieties of sugar costing Rs. 30/kg and Rs. 40/kg respectively so as to get a mixture worth of Rs. 33/kg?

Question 9

Three persons start running at the same time from the same point. Their speeds are 9 km/h, 13 km/h and 10 km/h respectively. If they are running on an 8 km-circular road, then after how much time will they meet at the starting point?

Question 10

Unit digit of (6474)1863 × (605)427 × (281)491 will be:
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