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Arithmetic || 30.01.2022

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Question 1

Rs. 15,000 was invested by A and B together to start a small business. They got a profit of Rs. 2,000 at the end of the year. B took his profit share of Rs. 600. How much did A invest?

Question 2

Two pipes S and U can fill a cistern in 24 hours and 30 hours respectively. If both the pipes are opened together, then after what time (in hours) pipe U must be turned off so that the cistern is filled in 16 hours?

Question 3

Richa invests in mutual funds a sum of ₹5,59,968. Which is 19% of her annual income. What is her monthly income?

Question 4

A and B working together can do 45% of the work in 9 days. A alone can do the work in 30 days. How many days will B alone take to do the same work?

Question 5

Two articles are sold for 4,752 each. On one, the seller gains 32% and on the other he loses 28%. What is his overall gain or loss percentage, correct to one decimal place?

Question 6

The efficiencies of A, B and C are in the ratio 2 : 5 : 3. Working together, they can complete a task in 12 days. In how many days can A alone complete 30% of that task?

Question 7

A container has two holes. The 1st hole alone empties the container in 15 minutes and 2nd hole alone empties the container in 10 minutes. If water leaks out at a constant rate, how long (in minutes) does it take if both the holes together empty the container?

Question 8

Two numbers are respectively 25% and 65% more than a third number. The ratio of the two numbers is:

Question 9

In a grocery store, an item with an MRP of Rs. 1100 is on a discount counter with a special price of Rs.979. What is the percentage of discount given for that item?

Question 10

The difference between the compound interest and simple interest on X at 11% per annum for 2 years is ₹60.50. What is the value of X?
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