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Aptitude MCQs On Time & Work (Week 3) - 20.01.2022

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Question 1

A can finish  of a task in 12 days and B can finish  of the same task in 30 days. They work together for 10 days. C alone completes the remaining task in 16 days. B and C together will complete  of the same task in:

Question 2

Two pipes A and B can fill a cistern in min and 45 min respectively. Both pipes are opened. The cistern will be filled just a half an hour, if the pipe B is turned off after

Question 3

A started a work and left working after 7 days and B finished the remaining work in 11 days. If A had left the work after 15 days, then B could have completed the remaining work in 7 days. In how many days can A & B together finish the work?

Question 4

Ram and Shyam can complete a work in 15 days and 20 days respectively how much time they will take to complete the work together?

Question 5

A can do 2/3rd of a work in 6 days, while B can do 1/3rd of the same work in 16 days. A and B started a work together. On every second day, they are assisted by C, whose efficiency is 3/2 times of B. Find the time taken by all of them to complete the work.
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