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Aptitude MCQs On Speed Time and Distance (Week 2) - 13.08.2022

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Question 1

Rishabh drives a cycle at a rate of 18 km/hr , but stops for 5 minutes to change cycle at the end of every 7 km. The time taken by him to cover a distance of 180 km is :

Question 2

A train 02050 starts from Jaipur at 9:00 am and reached Kota at 11:00 am. Another train 02052 starts from Kota at 9:00 am and reached Jaipur at 12:00 noon. What is the meeting time of the both the trains?

Question 3

Two trains 150m and 120 m long respectively moving from opposite directions cross each other in 10 secs. If the speed of the second train is 43.2 km/hr, then the speed of the first train is

Question 4

A boy goes to the market with the speed of 16 km/hr and returns with the speed of 5 km/hr. If he takes 5 hours in all. Then the distance (in km)?

Question 5

A Student goes to school at the ate of and reaches 6 min late. If he travels at the speed of 3 km/h, he is 10 min early. The distance (in km) between the school and his house is
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