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Aptitude MCQs On Ratio and Proportion (Week 3) - 14.06.2022

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Question 1

Two times of A’s salary is five times of B’s salary and four times of B’s salary is twice C’s salary. What is A’s salary if C’s salary is Rs 1,600?

Question 2

The ratio of two numbers is 3 : 5. If eight is added to the first, and seven to the second, then the ratio becomes 2 : 3. What will be the ratio become if six is added to each?

Question 3

If 7A = 4B = 14C, then what is A : B : C?

Question 4

What is the ratio of the mean proportional between 1.2 and 10.8 to the third proportional to 0.2 and 1.2?

Question 5

Two numbers A and B are, respectively, 80% and 20% more than a third number C. The ratio of the numbers A to B is:
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