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Question 1

A spring mass system is placed on a frictionless horizontal surface as shown in the figure. The spring is expanded by 1/10m and the blocks are given velocities as shown, then maximum extension of spring is :

Question 2

A particle is projected from point A towards a building of height h as shown at an angle of 60 ° with horizontal. It strikes the roof of building at B at an angle of 30 ° with the horizontal. The speed of projection is

Question 3

A man of mass 60 kg standing on a platform executing S.H.M. in the vertical plane. The displacement from the mean position varies as y = 0.5 sin (2π ft). The value of f, for which the man will feel weightlessness at the highest point is : (y is in metres)

Question 4

An open water tanker moving on a horizontal straight road has a cubical block of cork floating over its surface. If the tanker has an acceleration of ‘a’ as shown, the acceleration of the cork w.r.t container is (ignore viscosity) –

Question 5

A uniform solid sphere of radius R and mass M purely rolls down an inclined plane. The coefficient of friction between the sphere and the inclined plane is μ. The maximum value of θ for this to be possible is : (Take g = 10 m/s2)

Question 6

In a damped oscillator the amplitude of vibrations of mass m = 150 grams falls by 1/e times of its initial value in time t0 due to viscous forces. The time t0 and the percentage loss in mechanical energy during the above time interval t0 respectively are (Let damping constant be 50 grams/s)

Question 7

In the figure as shown, a triangular portion is cut from a circular disc of radius R. The distance of centre of mass of the remaining part from the centre of disc is

Question 8

A planet of core density 3ρ and outer curst of density ρ has small tunnel in core. A small
Particle of mass m is released from end A then time required to reach end B :

Question 9

A rod of mass M and length is at rest on plane horizontal smooth surface. A particle of same mass M strike one end with velocity u perpendicular to rod, elastically. Now just after collision what is the kinetic energy of upper half part of rod.

Question 10

Velocity of a particle moving in a curvilinear path in a horizontal X Y plane varies with time as m/s. Here, t is in second. Then at t=1 second-
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