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Question 1

Two identical conducting spheres each having radius r are placed at large distance. lnitially charge on one sphere is q, while charge on another sphere is zero when they are connected by conducting wire as shown in figure then find total heat produced when switch S is closed :

Question 2

A soap bubble (surface tension = T) is charged to a maximum surface density of charge = σ, when it is just going to burst. Its radius R is given by:

Question 3

Magnetic moments of two identical magnets are M and 2M respectively. Both are combined in such a way that their similar poles are same side. The time period in this case is ‘T1’ .If polarity of one of the magnets is reversed its period becomes ‘T2’ then find out ratio of their time periods T1/T2.

Question 4

Find the heat generated after the switch S is closed in the following circuit-

Question 5

An infinite current carrying wire, carrying current I is bent in V shape, lying in x-y plane as shown in figure. Intensity of magnetic field at point P will be (take OP = 2a)

Question 6

A ball of mass m and charge –q performs simple harmonic motion when it is constrained to move along a frictionless wire. At a distance L/2 from the wire, a charge +2Q lies. If the ball is displaced by a distance x, where x<<L, and released, the time period is

Question 7

Two particles of charges +Q and Q are projected from the same point with a velocity v in a region of uniform magnetic field B such that the velocity vector makes an angle θ with the magnetic field. Their masses are M and 2M, respectively. Then, they will meet again for the first time at a point whose distance from the point of projection is

Question 8

OABC is a current carrying square loop. An electron is projected from the centre of loop along its diagonal AC as shown. Unit vector in the direction of initial acceleration will be

Question 9

A mass spectrometer is a device which detects particles of equal mass. An ion with electric charge q > 0 starts at rest from a source S and is accelerated through a potential difference V. It passes through a hole into a region of constant magnetic field  perpendicular to the plane of the paper, as shown in the figure. The particle is deflected by the magnetic field and emerges through the bottom hole at a distance d from the top hole. The mass of the particle is

Question 10

A electron experiences a force  in a uniform magnetic field when its velocity is . When the velocity is redirected and becomes , the magnetic force on the electron is zero. The magnetic field vector  is :
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