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Question 1

A galvanometer has a coil of resistance 100 Ω and shows full scale deflection at 10 μA. Then select the INCORRECT option.

Question 2

Statement-1: In series LCR circuit, the electrostatic energy stored in a capacitor plus magnetic energy stored in inductor will always be zero under resonance condition.

Statement-2: The complete voltage of ac source appears across the resistor in series LCR circuit driven by a ac voltage under condition of resonance.

Question 3

The capacitor shown in figure 1 is charged completely by connecting switch S to contact a. If switch S is thrown to contact b at time t = 0, which of the curves in figure 2 above represents the magnitude of the current through the resistor R as function of time t?

Question 4

In each situation of column I, a circuit involving two non-ideal cells of unequal emf E1 and E2 (E1 > E2) and equal internal resistance r are given. A resistor of resistance R is connected in all four situations and a capacitor of capacitance C is connected in last two situations as shown.
Four statements are given in column-II. Match the situation of column-I with statements in column-II.

Question 5

In the shown circuit, all three capacitors are identical and have capacitance C each. Each resistor has resistance of R. An ideal cell of emf V is connected as shown. Then the magnitude of potential difference across capacitor C3 in steady state is:

Question 6

In the adjoining potentiometer circuit, the resistance of uniform cross-section the potentiometer wire AB of length 1 m is 10 . When the variable resistance R = 10 Ω, the balance point is obtained for length Ω as shown. If the variable resistance is doubled, the new balance length is –

Question 7

In the figure, which of the phasor diagram represents RLC circuit driven at resonance?

Question 8

In figure a long straight wire carries a steady current I. A conducting rod is in contact with a pair of rails and rotates about the straight wire. The induced current in the resistor R is

Question 9

An electromagnetic wave of frequency passes from a vacuum into a dielectric medium with permittivity. Then,

Question 10

A silicon diode is connected in series with resistance and battery. What should be the value of battery if the reading of ammeter 3.62 A.
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