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Question 1

If a woman estimates her loss as 30% of the selling price, then her loss percent is :

Question 2

A car worth Rs. 4, 50,000 is sold by P at a 10% profit to Q. Q sells the car back to P at a 7% loss. Then in the entire transaction, how much P loses or gain?

Question 3

A man sold two articles at Rs. 395 each. On one, he gains 25% and on the other, he loses 25%. The gain or loss% on the whole transaction is

Question 4

Shubhi sold an article at a loss of 20%. If the selling price had been increased by Rs. 100, there would have been a gain of 5%. The cost price of the article (in Rs.) was

Question 5

A gets a profit of 30% at the end of three year and B gets a profit of 10% each year for 3 years. If they start with Rs. 50 each what is the difference between their profits?

Question 6

A farmer sells wheat through APMC followed by a distributer then a wholesaler and finally retailer whose mark-ups are 20%, 15%, 25% and 25% respectively. If the farmer directly sells to the customer at the same final rate, what is his approximate profit percentage?

Question 7

A jewel which passing through three hands rises price on the whole by 65%. 20% and 25% profits are earned by the first and second seller, calculate the profit of third seller?

Question 8

A salesman earns a profit of 25% by selling a item which is marked-up by 70% above its cost price. What discount has he given if he sells it at Rs. 1200?

Question 9

X sold an article for Rs. 1920 and earned the profit of 20%. Y sold an article for the same amount and earn the same percentage profit. X calculated his profit on selling price whereas y calculated his profit on cost price. What was the difference between their profit amounts?

Question 10

By selling 45 meters of cloth, one gains the selling price of 15 meters. Find the gain percent.
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