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Question 1

Loss of 25% on selling price is equal to the x% loss on cost price. What is the value of x?

Question 2

By selling 75 ball pens for Rs. 135 a retailer loses 25%. How many ball pen should he sell for Rs. 102 so as to make a profit of 25% is

Question 3

The loss percentage when a pen is sold at Rs. 50 is the same as that of the profit when it is sold at Rs. 70. Find above mentioned percentage of profit or loss on the article is:

Question 4

By selling 25 metres of cloth a man gains the selling price of 5 metres of cloth. The gain percent is –

Question 5

A trader sells two articles which is of same price. On one article he gains 30% and on the other article he loses 30%. The trader loses Rs. 216 on the entire deal. At what price does he sale his article?

Question 6

Ashok purchase some goods for Rs. 720. He sold 1/4th of them at 40% profit at what profit percentage should he sell the remaining goods to earn an overall profit of 50%?

Question 7

A shopkeeper marks up his price at 100% and then gives a discount of 50% what is his overall profit or loss in the transaction?

Question 8

A shopkeeper gives 20% discount on the printed price of a book. Raju is a good bargainer and he gets 10% discount on the already discounted price of the book. If the shopkeeper still makes 8% profit in the transaction, by what percentage is the printed price more than the cost price of the book?
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