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Question 1

An article is sold at 20% profit. If it had been purchased in Rs. 600 less and sold in 600 Rs. less there would be 5% more profit . Find C.P. of the article ?

Question 2

A man sells an article at a profit of 25%. If he had bought it at 20% less and sold it for Rs. 12.50, he would have gained 30%. Find the cost price of the article.

Question 3

In a race of 100 m, A beats B by 4 m and A beats C by 2 m. By how many metres (approximately) would C beat B in another 100 m race assuming C and B run with their respective speeds as in the earlier race?

Question 4

Three athletes run a 4 km race. Their speeds are in the ratio 16 : 15 : 11. When the winner wins the race then the distance between the athlete in the second position to the athlete in the third position is:

Question 5

If 5 men working 6 hours per day for 8 days produce 1 unit of work , then in how many days 10 men working 4 hours a day will produce 3 units of work.
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