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Question 1

If the ratio of cost price and the selling price of an article is 5:6, then the percentage of profit will be –

Question 2

An alloy contains copper, zinc and aluminum in the ratio of 8 : 6 : 1. The quantity of aluminum (in kg) that must be added to 150 kg of this alloy to have the new ratio 6 : 4 : 3 is –

Question 3

85 coins are distributed between A, B and C. A receives 25 coins and the ratio of coins between B and C is 2 : 3. How many coins does C receive?

Question 4

It is decided that each class will donate some amount of help to physically handicapped people. The ratio of the amount contributed by class A to that contributed by class B was 8 : 5. Also, the corresponding ratio for class B and C was 2 : 3. If the total amount contributed by the three classes was Rs. 30,750, what was the difference between the amounts contributed by A and C?

Question 5

There are 120 students in a hostel. Rs. 341 is distributed among them such that each boy gets Rs. 3.3 and each girl gets Rs. 2.2. Girls and boys are in the ratio of?

Question 6

During the elections for the post of a building society chairman, the ratio of the number of members with Mr. Shah to that with Mr. Raheja was 6 : 5. But 24 members from Mr. Shah’s side defected and joined Mr. Raheja. Now the ratio of members with Mr. Shah to that with Mr. Raheja is 2 : 3. Find the number of members siding with Mr. Shah initially.

Question 7

A company’s profit in the four quarters of 2019 is in the ratio 2 : 3 : 7 : 5. If the average monthly profit is Rs. 33.15 lacs, what is the company’s profit in the third quarter?

Question 8

P, Q and R started a business by investing  and  of the capital respectively. P kept his entire capital for the full period, Q withdrew his capital after  of the total time and R after  of the total time. If the total time for which is the ratio in which total profit is to be divided amongst the partners?

Question 9

A bag contains 10p, 25p, and 50p coins in the ratio of 4 : 7 : 8 respectively, amounting to Rs. 246 . Find the number of 50p coins.

Question 10

A sum of money is distributed among P, Q, R, S in the proportion of 4:5:6:3 . If R gets Rs. 1500 more than S, what’s the share of Q?
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