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Question 1

Raj wants to sell a watch at a profit of 25%. He bought it at 10% less and sold it at Rs. 45 less, but still he gained 25%. The cost price of watch is –

Question 2

A shopkeeper buys 164 items at 80 paisa each. On the way 20 items are broken. He sells the remaining at rs. 1.20 Each. His gain percent is –

Question 3

By selling 25 metres of cloth a man gains the selling price of 5 metres of cloth. The gain percent is –

Question 4

A gets a profit of 30% at the end of three year and B gets a profit of 10% each year for 3 years. If they start with Rs. 50 each what is the difference between their profits?

Question 5

A shopkeeper marks up his price at 100% and then gives a discount of 50%, what is his overall profit or loss in the transaction?
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