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Question 1

A man spends 80% of his income. His income is increased by 15% and he increased his expenses by 5%. His savings are increased by

Question 2

In what ratio a mixture contains of 25% alcohol strength be mixed with that of 55% alcohol strength so as to get a mixture of 40% alcohol strength?

Question 3

Food tax is increased by 30% but its consumption is decreased by 20%. Then the increase or decrease in the expenditure of the money is

Question 4

Suresh rejects 0.08% of the meters as defective. How many will he examine to reject 2?

Question 5

In a certain group, 80% of the people are male and 35% of the total group members are marrieD. If three-eighth of the males are married, what fraction of females is single?

Question 6

A new house worth Rs. 19,68,300 is constructed on land worth Rs. 51,200. If the value of the house and land respectively depreciates and appreciates at 20% p.a, in how many years will the value of both be equal?

Question 7

In class 60% of the students are boys. 45% of the boys and 55% of the girls pass an examination and the number of boys who fail is 66. How many girls fail in this exam?

Question 8

Akash spends 40% of his income on fooD. He spends 30% of the remaining amount on education and 25% of the remaining amount is spent on other expenditures. If he saves the remaining Rs. 5670, what is his income?

Question 9

The population of a village is 45,000. One fifth are males and the rest are females. 10% of females and 35% of males are uneducated. What percentage on the whole are educated?

Question 10

If 30% of (A + B) = 50% of (A - B) then (2A - 3B) / A + B is -
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