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Question 1

In an examination, Soni’s average marks were 53 per paper. If she scored 10 more marks in her science paper and 2 more marks in her math’s paper, her average per paper would have been 55. How many papers were there in the examination?

Question 2

The average of 40 numbers is calculated as 45. It is discovered later that while calculating the average, one number, namely 71 was mis-read as 31. The correct average is :

Question 3

A batsman has a certain average of runs for 13 innings. In the 14th inning he scores 116 runs thereby increasing his average by 8 runs. His new average is –

Question 4

The average age of five players is 17.6 years. If the age of coach is also included, the average age increases by 25%. The age of the coach is :

Question 5

Find average of first 25 multiples of 5

Question 6

The average height of 50 students of a class is 152 cm. If 10 among them whose average height is 148cm left the class and 10 new boys of average height 150 cm are included in the class, then what will be the new average height of the students of the class?

Question 7

The average height of 50 students is 165 cm. On a particular day, P, Q and R were absent and the average of the remaining 47 students was found to be 164. If Q and R has the same height and the height of P be 4 cm less than that of Q, find the height of Q :

Question 8

In Gautam’s opinion, his weight is greater than 66 kg but less than 73 kg. His friend did not agree with Gautam and he said that your weight may be greater than 60 kg but less than 70 kg. His brother’s view is that his weight cannot be greater than 69 kg. If all of them are correct in their estimation, what is the average of different probable weights of Gautam?

Question 9

7 years ago, the average age of family of 5 members was 19 years. The present average age of the family is same even after two children’s were born with the age difference of two years. What is the present age of youngest child?

Question 10

A certain factory employed 700 men and 300 women and the average wage was Rs. 26.50 per day. If a woman got Rs. 6 more than a man, then what are women daily wages?
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