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Question 1

The average of 13 numbers is 11.9. if the average of first 7 numbers is 11.5 and that of the last 7 numbers is 12.4, then the middle number is:

Question 2

The average weight of 14 girls in a class is 41.5 kg and that of the remaining 6 girls is 37.25 kg. Find the average weight of all the girls in the class.

Question 3

A batsman’s score for an innings was 2.5 times the average of his score in the first two innings. If his average score in the three innings put together was 90, what was his core in the third inning?

Question 4

In a college having 120 students, 58 are in finance, 39 are in marketing, 9 are in HR and the rest are in operation. In accounting test, the average mark scored by the student from finance, marketing, HR, and operations are 91, 84, 69, and 87 respectively. What are the average marks in accounting for the batch?

Question 5

The average of four consecutive odd numbers is 30; find the largest of these numbers?

Question 6

A man spends in 6 months as much as he earns in 3 months. He saves Rs. 7500 in a year. His average monthly income is :

Question 7

Find average of first 25 multiples of 5

Question 8

The average height of 50 students is 165 cm. On a particular day, P, Q and R were absent and the average of the remaining 47 students was found to be 164. If Q and R has the same height and the height of P be 4 cm less than that of Q, find the height of Q :

Question 9

7 years ago, the average age of family of 5 members was 19 years. The present average age of the family is same even after two children’s were born with the age difference of two years. What is the present age of youngest child?

Question 10

p, q, r, s, t are five numbers such that the average of p, q and r is 5 and that of s and t is 10. What is the average of all the five numbers?
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