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Question 1

Present ages of Ram & Shyam are in the ratio 5:6 respectively. Seven years hence this ratio will become 6:7 respectively. What is Ram’s present age in years?

Question 2

Saurav is 40 years old and Lokesh is 60 years old. How many years ago was the ratio of their ages was 3:5 ?

Question 3

Sum of ages of Nitin, Gaurav & Ram is 150 years at present, whereas 10 years ago, the ratio of their age was 5:4:3. Find the ratio of their ages 10 years hence.

Question 4

The present age of Ravi’s father is four times Ravi’s present age. Five years back he was seven times as old as Ravi was at that time. What is the present age of Ravi’s father?

Question 5

Ravi’s brother is 3 years elder to him. His father was 28 years of age when his sister was born while his mother was 26 years of age when he was born. If his sister was 4 years of age when his brother was born, the ages of Ravi’s father and mother respectively when his brother was born were

Question 6

3 years ago, the average age of a family of 5 members was 17 years. A baby having been born, the average age of the family is the same today. The present age of the baby is

Question 7

After 5 years the age of Lokesh will be thrice the age of shyam, whereas five years ago , Lokesh was 7 times as old as shyam .What are their present ages?
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