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Question 1

A's salary is 30% of B's salary and B's salary is 25% of C's salary. What percentage of C's salary is A's salary?

Question 2

Suresh rejects 0.08% of the meters as defective. How many will he examine to reject 2?

Question 3

10000 people voted in an election between two candidates. 14% of the votes were rejected and the winner won by 600 votes. What percent of the valid votes did the losing candidate get?

Question 4

In a certain group, 80% of the people are male and 35% of the total group members are marrieD. If three-eighth of the males are married, what fraction of females is single?

Question 5

A new house worth Rs. 19,68,300 is constructed on land worth Rs. 51,200. If the value of the house and land respectively depreciates and appreciates at 20% p.a, in how many years will the value of both be equal?

Question 6

Akash spends 40% of his income on fooD. He spends 30% of the remaining amount on education and 25% of the remaining amount is spent on other expenditures. If he saves the remaining Rs. 5670, what is his income?

Question 7

In an election between two candidates, the winner got 45% of the total votes and defeated the other candidate by 5% of the total votes. Later 10000 of the invalid votes were recounted as valid and found to be obtained by the earlier loser. This led to a tie. How many votes were cast in all?

Question 8

In an exam, Ashish scored 35 marks less than Raj, who scored 55 more than Mohit. Rohit scored 75 marks, which was 10 more than Mohit’s marks. Rajan scored 71 marks less than maximum marks in the test. What percentage marks did Rajan get in the exam, if he got 44 marks more than Ashish?

Question 9

The price of a pen drops by 40%. Hence, Ramesh decides to purchase twice the number of pens that he was planning to buy earlier. What is the percentage change in his expenditure compared to his originally planned expenditure?

Question 10

The population of a village is 45,000. One fifth are males and the rest are females. 10% of females and 35% of males are uneducated. What percentage on the whole are educated?
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