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SSC Toppers Quiz 2023: Chemistry

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Question 1

Which of the following constituents of coal is the most important in the production of coke?

Question 2

Which type of glass is used for making glass reinforced plastic?

Question 3

Exposures to mixtures or chemical are greater than expected on the basis of effects of exposure to each chemical individually. This is known as

Question 4

For which one of the following, it is most difficult to form oxyacid?

Question 5

Microbial degradation of nitrates into atmospheric nitrogen is known as

Question 6

The term brown air is used for

Question 7

Which is the least penetrating power ray?

Question 8

Match the following
A- Ascorbic acid
B- Chlorophy II
C- Carotenoid
D- Superoxide dismutase
1. Photosynthetic pigment
2. Quencher
3. Enzyme
4. Vitamin –C

Question 9

Chemical name of Gammexane, is

Question 10

β –particles emitted from a radioactive nuclei are
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