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2-D Mensuration || 09.02.2021

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Question 1

A 15 cm long wire is bent to form a triangle whose one of the angles is one third of 180°. Find the sides of the triangle with the largest area. 

Question 2

The edges of a rectangular box are in the ratio 1 : 2 : 3 and its surface area is 88 cm2, The volume of the box is

Question 3

The area of rectangle is 108 m2 and the ratio of length and width is 3 : 4, then find the value of AO

Question 4

If the difference between the circumference and diameter of a circle is 93 cm, then the radius of the circle must be :

Question 5

The perimeter of a square and a circular field are same. If the area of circular field is 346.5 m2. Find the area of the square.

Question 6

The breadth of a rectangular hall is one-sixth of its length. If the area of the floor is 864 m2, then find the difference between its area and its perimeter.

Question 7

The area of a circle is 324π square cm. The length of its longest chord (in cm.) is

Question 8

A room is 16m long, 7m broad and 8m high. Find the cost of white washing the four walls of room at 9.5 per m2 . White washing is not to be done on windows and doors, which occupy 65 m2 .

Question 9

Let there be a regular octagon. Now ABCD and EFGH be two squares such that ABCD is the largest square that can fit inside that octagon and EFGH is the smallest square containing that octagon. What is the ratio of side of square ABCD to that of square EFGH.

Question 10

Calculate the area of shaded region in the given figure common between two quadrants of circles of radius 8 cm each.
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