Special Free Series Schedule for March: Revising Mendel's Crosses

By Renuka Miglani|Updated : March 1st, 2021

Hi Everyone,


We all are aware that the CBSE Class 10 Board exams are near, and students are busy preparing for the key exam of their life. Biology has a reputation for being an easy and tedious subject. The prospect of appearing in a Biology test is nothing less than boring for many of us, right! But Nothing is Impossible, to succeed in a subject like Biology you need to concentrate seriously on the concepts and revise them on a regular basis. 


We at BYJU'S Exam Prep have always helped students with different phases of their preparation journey by providing time to time free series, free quizzes, etc. This time, we have come up with a Special Free Series Schedule for March: Revising Mendel's Crosses in Biology By Sona Singh Sir to help you to ace your CBSE Class 10 Board exam.


1. What?

    Free Video Session Series on Biology for Class 10th CBSE students.

2. When?

    1st March, at 12 PM Today.

3. Where?

    Only on BYJU'S Exam Prep APP

4. Who will take the session?

    Biology Expert - Sona Singh Sir 

5. What will be today’s topic?

    Case Study Qs

6. How to join the session at 12 PM?

  Click here and join the session directly


Here is the complete Schedule of 5 Day Wise Classes for you. Please go through it and mark your presence in the session.







Day 1 

1st March

12 PM

Case Study QsSona Singh

Day 2

2 March

12 PM

 Human Reproduction in One ShotSona Singh

Day 3

5 March

12 PM

 Assertion Reason QuestionSona Singh

Day 4

6 March

12 PM

 Transportation in One ShotSona Singh

Day 5

7 March

12 PM

 Transportation in One ShotSona Singh


So this was all regarding the Special Free Series on Biology i.e. Revising Mendel's Crosses. Please mark your attendance on the 1st day of the session (today) right at 12 PM today. See you guys there.



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