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SSB Interview | Verbal | Blood Relation

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Question 1

Nitu, who is Rakesh’s daughter, says to Varsha, ”Your mother Mamta is the younger sister of my father who is the third child of Raj Kumar.” How is Raj Kumar related to Varsh?

Question 2

Reshma has a brother Vikash, Reshma is daughter of Mahesh. Malini is the Mahesh’s wife and Pooja is Mahesh’s mother. How Vikash is related to Pooja?

Question 3

Mohan facing North and moves 15 km, then he turned to his right and moves 10 km and then he moves 9 km in North-East, then he turned to his left and moves 12 km and in last he moves 5 km to the left. Now in which direction Mohan is facing?

Question 4

Ashok drive the car 15 km towards East from his office, he turned to the right and drive 10 km then again he turned to West and drive 5 km. How far Ashok is from the office?

Question 5

Introducing a man, a woman said that, “He is the only son of my mother’s father.” How is woman related to the man?
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