Get Important Science Notes/Mind Maps for Class 9 Here

By Renuka Miglani|Updated : February 27th, 2021

To crack your CBSE Class 9 exams, you should have some good short science notes and mind maps to understand the concepts more clearly and in-depth knowledge. They are essential for good study and helps you to prepare for your CBSE Class 9 exams in an excellent way.

Download PDF for Science Notes and Mind Maps for CBSE Class 9 Exam :

We all are aware that the CBSE Class 9 exams are near, and students are busy preparing for the key exam of their life. All the students aspire to get a good score in their exams especially when it’s your CBSE Class 9 preparation because this is the most crucial time which actually decides your future.

We at BYJU'S Exam Prep have always helped students with different phases of their preparation journey by providing time to time free video session series, free quizzes, free articles, etc. This time we have come up with Science notes and mind maps of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Students can simply download the PDF of science notes and mind maps and practice them with the comfort of their home. The science notes and mind maps will help students to understand the concepts in depth. It also helps in managing the time during your board exams and makes you confident in your speed and accuracy.


Science Notes for CBSE Class 9 - DOWNLOAD PDF HERE!

1. Short Notes on Dalton's Atomic Theory - Download Now!

2. Short Notes on Separating the Components of a Mixture - Download Now!

3. Short Notes on Cell Organelles of the Endomembrane System - Download now!

4. Short Notes on Law of conservation of Linear Momentum - Download Now!

Science Mind Maps for CBSE Class 9 - DOWNLOAD PDF HERE!

1. Mind Map on The Fundamental Unit of Life - Download Now!

2. Mind Map on Atoms and Molecules - Download Now!

3. Mind Map on Is Matter Around Us Pure? - Download Now!

4. Mind Map on Motion - Download Now!

5. Mind Map on Laws of Motion - Download Now!


~ If you have any questions, feel free to comment in the comments section below.




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