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  2. Cross-check before you submit, since the attempts cannot be changed
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GATE Rank Predictor

The Rank Predictor serves as an important tool for assessing your comparative performance among peers. After extensive research and rigorous testing, BYJU'S Exam Prep has developed the Rank Predictor for GATE 2024 to enable you to get an accurate idea about your selection in the GATE Exam 2024 & take relevant steps in that direction.

A Predictor is an essential tool to gauge your peer standing. After much research and multiple testing, BYJU'S Exam Prep has developed the Rank Predictor, a tool to help you get an idea about your qualification in GATE 2024. Using this, you can gauge your strengths and weaknesses for the next GATE 2025 examination. The GATE 2024 exam is scheduled for 3 - 11 February, with results on 16th March. By utilizing the GATE Rank Predictor, you can assess both your overall and Paper-wise performance, enabling you to strategically plan your next steps.

The GATE Rank Predictor proves invaluable for GATE aspirants as it provides them with a glimpse into their potential performance in the highly competitive GATE 2024 Exam. The BYJU’S GATE Rank Predictor tool allows candidates to input their estimated correct and incorrect attempts according to which the predicted score is calculated. By understanding their probable GATE 2024 Score , aspirants gain valuable insights on whether they are qualifying GATE 2024 or not and therefore enhance their preparation strategies.

How to use GATE 2024 Rank Predictor ?

The Rank Predictor is an important tool for the candidates writing the GATE 2024 exam. It is important that the candidates use the Score Calculator immediately after the exam to have the most accurate score estimation. Candidates should check the steps given below to use the GATE Rank Predictor

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Step 1 - Select your stream & exam shift

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Step 2 - Enter total expected marks (out of 100)

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Step 3 - Cross-check before you submit

What is GATE Rank Predictor ?

GATE 2024 Rank Predictor is a tool to help candidates aspiring for Master through IITs, NITs and for PSUs job based on their GATE 2024 exam  performance. GATE Rank Predictor has been curated by BYJU’S Exam Prep Experts after collecting information over the years. The Rank Predictor for GATE 2024 acts as a one-stop solution for GATE aspirants to know the Score required to get PSUs, IITs, & NITs.

BYJU’S GATE Rank Predictor 2024 - Key features

The Rank Predictor helps the candidates to predict the results before they have been announced. The GATE 2024 Rank Percentile has the following key features:1. Easy to Use: After the provisional answer key release, the candidates simply need to fill in their calculated scores in the predictor to know whether their respective scores in question paper will allow them to qualify the GATE 2024 exam2. Know Your Results before the actual result: Candidates will get the most accurate prediction on their selection in the GATE Exam 2024 exam even before the actual result is released. Students will also get to know which topic they need to work more on in order to qualify for the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How accurate is the GATE Rank Predictor 2024?


The GATE Rank Predictor predicts your selection in PSUs, IITs & NITs by taking into account the number of students who appeared in the exam and the number of shifts in which the exam was held for every subject.

2. How does a GATE Rank Predictor work?


In order to provide an anticipated rank, GATE Rank Predictors normally take into account a candidate’s exam marks in addition to variables like exam shifts, data from prior years, and data collected from the students.

3. Do I need to pay to use a GATE Rank Predictor?


BYJU’S GATE Rank Predictors is available for free.

4. What information do I need to provide to use a GATE Rank Predictor?


Generally speaking, you will be asked for information like your GATE exam registration number, discipline, grades received, and occasionally further factors like category or preparation level.

5. Can I trust the estimated rank provided by a GATE Rank Predictor?


GATE Rank Predictors produce estimates using statistical techniques and historical data. Even though they can provide insightful information, it’s important to keep in mind that they are forecasts, and actual results may not always line up exactly with them.

Predict your GATE 2024 Rank