CBSE Class 9 Chemistry Exam 2021 Preparation Tips

By Renuka Miglani|Updated : February 13th, 2021

Preparing for CBSE Class 9th Chemistry exam is not an easy task. There is ample amount of syllabus to cover in a limited period of time. As we all know, Chemistry is an important subject for a science stream student who wants to pursue their career in Science field. The fact is “Learning Chemistry Takes Time” just like you take time to practice sports, dance etc., you also need to take time to practice the concepts of Chemistry, as studying at the last moment will not give you good results. Chemistry is one of those subjects which require full concentration. This article brings you the best powerful tips to prepare for your Chemistry Class 9th CBSE exam.

Best Practices To Adopt While Preparing For Your Chemistry Class 9 CBSE Exam :

We all are aware that Chemistry also plays an important role in the competitive exam. So, preparing for your Class 9 exam will help students to perform well in their competitive exams as well. The only thing they need to adopt is the regular practice and thorough preparation of the concepts. Let’s read on some powerful tips and practices to follow that can help you to score high in your Chemistry Class 9 exam :

Tips for CBSE Class 9 Chemistry Exam Preparation

There is no one method of studying but inculcating some practices could make you achieve your target smoothly. We’ve tried to cover most important tips and tricks that can help you to ace your Class 9 Chemistry exam :

  1. First and foremost is health. On top of everything is to keep your body healthy and your mind calm to attempt any exam better.
  2. Written revision is utmost important so that none of the concepts slips out of your mind during the examination time. 
  3. Always be focused on the conceptual information behind anything and its application to understand it better. 
  4. Relating science with your day-to-day life would actually help you to remember the concepts throughout and also understand it better. 
  5. Always keep the formula sheet and the revision notes handy for your reference. 
  6. Do not only be dependent on the formula sheet and revision notes for the thorough knowledge taking classes regularly is of utmost importance. 
  7. For Chemistry it is most important to always give one or two examples via any reaction if there is any possibility. 
  8. In the chapter “Matter In Our surrounding” the names of the processes for the change of state with their particular conditions of temperature and pressure are of high importance 
  9. In the second chapter “Is Matter Around Us Pure” definitions of Pure element and compound and to be able to segregate between them is of greatest importance as it would make your concept of chemistry related to periodic table (10th standard) better. 
  10. If we talk about the next two chapters related to “Atoms and Molecule” and “Structure of Atom” they are not only the base of chemistry but also modern physics. Being thorough with the formulas and knowing which formula to apply depending on the information given and asked in the question would help you achieve better and full marks. 
  11. Always keep the formulas of the mole concept handy as students tend to forget and also get confused to which formula to use and when to apply. 
  12. Last but not the least try to keep yourself as healthy as possible as “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”.

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  • Well, the passing marks to clear your CBSE Class 9 Chemistry exam is 33%, but you also need to obtain 33% marks in your Chemistry practical exam as well.

  • Yes, it is important to solve previous year paper of Chemistry daily because it will identify your weak areas for improvement, also it will enable you to solve the questions at a much higher speed during your exam time.

  • The three parts of Chemistry are, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry.

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