Sadat Rahman - International Children's Peace Prize

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 3, 2023, 14:53

Sadat Rahman is a growing consultant who has worked hard to make sure that he has the right experience to bring professionalism and diversity to his clients. He has talked about the most important engagements and partnerships that he's had.

For example, he has been working with Professional Services Group for the past year and has had a terrific experience working with their team. He also talks about how he has added diversity to his portfolio and has worked with clients that were closer to his ethnicity. Sadat Rahman is an excellent representative for whatever the cause may be.

Sadat Rahman History

Sadat Rahman is a child from Bangladesh. He was given the title of International Children's Peace Prize winner in 2017. He was awarded for his efforts to create child-friendly spaces in schools. His efforts to make children's playgrounds and other spaces safe for children are crucial.

This award is given to people who make huge contributions to the situation of children in the world. Sadat has also worked to make children's rights more visible and to increase awareness in the world.

Sadat Rahman Award Winner

Sadat Rahman was recognised as the International Children's Peace Prize winner for his work in promoting peace and bringing about positive change for the world. Sadat was a member of the Bangladesh Youth for Peace and Harmony and was active in devising a variety of ideas to promote peace and unity.

He was involved in projects to make people aware of violence and how to avoid it. One person he worked with was a child soldier named Abdul. Sadat helped Abdul by giving him a job and living space where he helped to heal his emotional wounds. Sadat also helped Abdul gain skills in the community to help him be accepted by those around him.

International Children's Peace Prize

The International Children's Peace Prize was established in 1985 to annually recognise outstanding children who have been working towards the cause of peace in their societies. Please join us in honouring children who have been working tirelessly for children's rights, the rights of indigenous people, and the rights of children living in poverty.

Who Awarded Sadat Rahman His International Children's Peace Prize?

A young inspiring personality like Sadat Rahman deserves global praise, fame, and recognition, and there is no doubt about that. And what better way to recognise and laud his achievements than bestow him with the best award for children on a global platform by yet another youth icon.

So, to conclude, it did not come as a surprise that Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai felicitated this youth icon campaigning against cyberbullying with the award. The ceremony took place in the Netherlands with global icons and leaders present at the event.

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FAQs on Sadat Rahman

Q.1. Which award did Sadat Rahman win?

Sadat Rahman won the International Children's Peace Prize for his efforts toward the benefit of children

Q.2. When did Sadat Rahman win the International Children's Peace Prize?

Sadat Rahman won the International Children's Peace Prize in 2020.

Q.3. Why did Sadat Rahman win the International Children's Peace Prize?

Sadat Rahman won the International Children's Peace Prize for making the anti-cyberbullying mobile application called Cyber Teens.

Q.4. Where is Sadat Rahman from?

Sadat Rahman is from Bangladesh. He has been widely recognised as a social entrepreneur.