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UP Junior Teacher Online coaching in Hindi by BYJU'S Exam Prep is a platform to revolutionize your strategy to crack the upcoming UP Junior Teacher 2022 exam. The UP Junior Teacher Online Coaching classes come with well-structured and informative videos that explain all your doubts and clear all the ambiguities you experience while practicing.

Clear the UP Junior Teacher Exam with UP Junior High School Teacher Online coaching classes, which will give you access to hundreds of live classes, study material, mock tests, and daily quizzes. This will add up to your preparation and channel your efforts in the right direction.

Cracking the UP Junior Teacher exam along with other TET exams has become easier now due to BYJU'S Exam Prep UP Junior Online Classroom Program. With this, you can have access to many live classes, study material, quizzes, and mock tests for exams falling under the same category. This will not only make your approach hassle-free but also will provide you with ease to search for different TET exams.

UP Junior Teacher Online Coaching 2022: Key Highlights

90+ Live Classes

With more than 90 live classes with interactive quizzes, the entire syllabus will be covered in detail with these informative videos. Minute details will be given about every topic and no topic will be left untouched. With in-depth discussion of topics, these classes will assure you concept clarity.

80+ Revision PDFs 

With more than 80 PDFs, you will be provided with more than sufficient study material which includes all the relevant and reliable information that you require to ace the exam. These PDFs can also work as last-minute revision material as it makes your preparation precise and time-oriented. 

2000+ Practice Questions

Track your daily progress by practicing more than 2000 questions. You will be able to come across many gaps in your preparation and overcome them by improvising your strategy. Practicing these questions with 5 weekly assignments will help you enhance your knowledge and more importantly understand the question pattern.

06 Mock Test and Previous Year Papers

Assess your overall preparation by taking up 06 full-length mock tests to evaluate your progress. To understand the exam pattern, you are provided with the previous year's papers. With these papers, you will be able to shape yourself with all the requirements.

UP Junior Teacher Exam 2022

UP Junior Teacher notification 2022 will be released for the recruitment of several vacancies for the post of Principal and Assistant Teacher. The recruitment process comprises two stages: A written exam and an Interview. Candidates will be required to clear both stages to secure their position successfully.

UP Junior Teacher 2022 Online Classroom Program

Online Classroom Program UP Junior Teacher classes give you a platform to explore more opportunities to uplift your preparation. You can opt for the upcoming exams in the same category by taking up BYJU'S Exam Prep UP Junior Teacher Online Classroom Program. Inconveniences to taking individual courses and classes can easily be ruled by taking Online Classroom Program UP Junior Teacher classes. You are facilitated with diverse mock tests and quizzes to assess yourself as and when required. There are regular doubt sessions that are addressed by our expert faculties who closely monitor your performance and analyze your improvement scale.

Our Expert Faculties

Faculty Name



Vivek Singh

Hindi Expert

5+ Years of Experience in Teaching Hindi language

Akanksha Singh

Hindi Expert

5+ Years of Experience in Teaching Hindi language

Rakesh Singh

EVS & Social Science Expert

5+ Years of Experience in Teaching Environment Studies & Social Science

Danish Sheikh

EVS & Social Science Expert

8+ Years of Experience in Teaching Environment Studies & Social Science

Sanjay Tiwari

Reasoning Expert

5+ Years of Experience in Teaching Reasoning

Benefits of taking the UP Junior Teacher Online Course

Effective Time-Management

UP Junior Teacher Online coaching comes with the most effective ways to manage time. The strategically designed study material is put together in such a way that you get to avail everything in a common platform.

Improves your Score

The overall score will be increased by incorporating the online course for UP Junior Teachers as it will come with a wide knowledge of several types of practice questions and mock tests. The mock tests also give you sufficient knowledge to attempt different questions with confidence.

Retention of Concepts

UP Junior Teacher online course comes with the most constructive study material that explains the concepts in such a way that the topics are remembered for a long duration along with clarity on every topic 

Why choose UP Junior Teacher Online Coaching?

  • The latest syllabus of UP Junior Teacher is being followed.
  • Strictly adheres to the updated exam pattern of the UP Junior Teacher exam.
  • Facilitates with the overall analysis report of your performance after every mock test.
  • Enhances your speed and accuracy to attempt various types of questions.
  • Increases your comprehension of a variety of concepts.

UP Junior Teacher Syllabus 2022

General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Reasoning Ability
  • Current events of national and international importance.
  • History of India and Indian National Movement.
  • Geography of India
  • Indian politics and governance - constitution, political system, Panchayati Raj, Lokniti official case, etc.
  • Economic and Social Development - Sustainable Development, Poverty Including Demographics, Social Sector
  • Initiative etc.
  • General topics related to environment and ecology, biodiversity, and climate change
  • General Science.
  • Analogies, assertion and reason, binary logic, classification, clocks and calendars, coded inequalities, coding-decoding.
  • हिन्दी साहित्य एवं भाषा का इतिहास।
  • व्याकरण।
  • अपठित गद्यांश तथा पद्यांश
  • प्रमुख लेखकों/कवियों का सामान्य परिचय एवं उनकी रचनाएँ
  • History of English Literature and Language
  • Grammar
  • Unseen Passage
  • Writers, General Introduction and their work
  • संस्कृत साहित्य एवं भाषा का इतिहास की जानकारी
  • व्याकरण
  • अपठित गद्यांश/पद्यांश
  • प्रमुख लेखकों/कवियों का सामान्य परिचय एवं उनकी कृतियाँ
Social Studies
  • Sources of knowing history.
  • Stone Age Culture, Copper Stone Culture, Vedic Culture.
  • India of the sixth century B.C.
  • The early States of India.
  • Establishment of the Mauryan Empire in India.
  • Post-Mauryan India, Gupta period, Rajput period India, Pushyabhuti dynasty, states of South India.
  • Religious and social development of the sixth century.
  • The arrival of Islam in India, the establishment, expansion, and disintegration of the Delhi Sultanate.
  • Mughal Empire, Culture, Fall.
  • The arrival of European powers in India and the establishment of the English state.
  • Expansion of Company State in India.
  • Renaissance in India, Rise of Nationalism in India.
  • Independence movement, independence, the partition of India.
  • Challenges of Independent India.
  • We and our society.
  • Rural and urban society and living, rural and urban self-government.
  • District Administration.
  • Our Constitution, Central, and State Governance.
  • Democracy in India.
  • Security and foreign policy of the country, the global community, and India.
  • Civil safety, traffic safety.
  • Disability
  • Earth in the Solar System, Globe - Determination of places on Earth, movements of the path.
  • Mapping, Four Circles of Earth, Land Circles - Structure of Earth, Major Topography of Earth.
  • India in the world, physical nature of India, soil, use, and importance of fertilizer, flora, and wildlife, the climate of India, economic resources of India, traffic, trade, and communication.
  • Location, Political Department, Climate, Soil, Vegetation and Wildlife, Agriculture, Mineral Industries - Business, Population and Urbanization in Uttar Pradesh India.
  • The atmosphere, Atmosphere.
  • Major natural regions and the life of the world.
  • Mineral Resources, Industries - Businesses.
  • Indian Economy and its Challenges.
  • Environment, natural resources, and their utility.
  • Nature balance, resource utilization.
  • Environmental impact of population growth, environmental pollution.
  • Waste Management, Disasters, Environmentalist, Award in the field of Environment, Environment Day, Environment Calendar.
  • Natural numbers, Whole numbers, Rational numbers.
  • Integer, parentheses, the least common multiple, and the greatest common factor.
  • Square root, cube root, identities.
  • Algebra, Concept - variable numbers, constant numbers, powers of variable numbers.
  • Add, subtract, algebraic expressions. Concepts of Gnas and divisions, coefficients of terms and terms of algebraic expressions, homogeneous and homogeneous terms, degrees of expressions, one, two, and tripartite expressions
  • Simultaneous equations, square equations, linear equations.
  • Parallel lines, quadrilateral compositions, triangles.
  • Circles and cyclic quadrants, tangent lines of the circle.
  • Ratio, Proportion, Percentage, Profit - Loss, Simple Interest, Compound Interest.
  • Statistics - classification of data, pictograph, mean, median and polymer, frequency.
  • Pie and punishment chart, picture of unclassified data.
  • Probability (probability) graph, penalty, diagram, and mixed penalty diagram.
  • The cartesian plane, mensuration, exponent, trigonometry.
  • Science, important discoveries, importance, anthropology, and technology in daily life.
  • Fibres and textiles, from fibres to textiles. (process)
  • Living, non-living matter - fauna, classification of living organisms, classification of plants and fauna based on animals and flora, the adaptation of organisms, changes in animals and plants. - The structure and function of animals.
  • Microorganisms and their classification. - From cell to the organ.
  • Adolescence, development.
  • Food, health, hygiene and disease, crop production, nitrogen cycle.
  • Nutrition in animals, nutrition in plants, reproduction, beneficial plants. - Respiration, excretion, beneficial animals in organisms.
  • Measurement, electric current, magnetism, speed, force, and instruments.
  • Energy, sound, static electricity, light, and light instruments.
  • Air - properties, composition, necessity, utility, ozone layer, greenhouse effect.
  • Water - need, utility, source, quality, pollution, water conservation.
  • Matter, groups of substances, separation of substances, structure, and nature of matter.
  • Acids, Bases, and Salts.
  • Heat and heat
  • Man-made goods, plastic, glass, soap, dead.
  • Minerals and metals, carbon and its compounds.
  • Alternative sources of energy.
  • Periodic table, blood composition, class, and precautions in blood exchange.

UP Junior Teacher Exam Pattern 2022

Sr. No.PaperSubjectMarks
1Paper 1 General Knowledge, Reasoning and Current Affairs50
2Paper 2Part ALanguage (Hindi, English, Sanskrit)100
3Part BSocial Studies
4Part CScience & Mathematics

UP Junior Teacher 2022 Highlights

Origination NameExamination Regulatory Authority, Uttar Pradesh
Name of PostPrincipal & Teacher
No. of Vacancy1894 Posts
Selection Process10% Marks in each High School, Intermediate, Graduation & Training course. &  60% in Written Exam
Official Websitehttp://site.uphesc.org/

How to Enroll for UP Junior Teacher Online Coaching?

  • Go to the official site of BYJU'S Exam Prep.
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  • Experience the quality and standard of UP Junior Online Coaching by opting for a free trial.
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What do you Require to Access the UP Junior Online Classes?

To access the UP Junior Teacher online coaching class, you must have:

  • Headphone (If required)
  • A Dual-core processor and 2 GB RAM Laptop or Desktop
  • Internet (2-3 MBPS Broadband) or 3G Data Card
UP Junior Teacher Exam Online Coaching FAQs
  • What is UP Junior Teacher Online Coaching? How can I enrol in the Video Courses?

    Online Coaching Classes for UP Junior Teacher is a modern and well-organised approach to study and prepare for the exam remotely. Unlike the traditional UP Junior Teacher coaching classes, you can rewind the class and get one-on-one experience with top faculties of India. With online coaching classes for UP Junior Teacher you can clear your doubts, practice various questions, learn anytime-anywhere at your pace and save time.

    To enrol for the UP Junior Teacher Online Coaching Classes by BYJU'S Exam Prep, follow the below steps:

    • Visit the official site of BYJU'S Exam Prep - byjusexamprep.com
    • Now go to the ‘Courses’ section 
    • Choose the Teaching category 
    • Now click on the exam
    • Take free trial classes before you purchase the BYJU'S Exam Prep’s Online Live Courses
  • What is UP Junior Teacher Online Classroom Program Subscription?

    UP Junior Teacher Online Classroom Program Subscription enables you to prepare for the UP Junior Teacher exam along with other TET exams using one preparation resource. It is a subscription that gives you unlimited access to all live courses and mock tests.

  • What is the validity of UP Junior Teacher Online Classroom Program Subscription?

    The validity of UP Junior Teacher Online Classroom Program Subscription varies as per the candidate’s choice and need. BYJU'S Exam Prep offers several validity options ranging from 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and 24 months.

  • Do I get an UP Junior Teacher mock test with UP Junior Teacher Online Classroom Program Subscription?

    Yes, you also get access to all UP Junior Teacher mock tests along with other Teaching mock tests with Online Classroom Program Subscription. On top of that, you get a Test Series complimentary with every purchase of Online Classroom Program subscription.

  • Is there any validity for using the purchased UP Junior Teacher Online Coaching Classes?

    Yes, there is a set validity for Online Classroom Program Subscription. Make sure you read the validity and other related details carefully before you make the payment for Online Classroom Program Subscription. UP Junior Teacher online classes will be available until the expiry of Online Classroom Program Subscription.

  • Do I have to pay to take ‘Free-Trial’ for UP Junior Teacher Online Courses?

    To take the trial of UP Junior Teacher online coaching class, you don’t need to pay anything. You can take the trial for free. 

  • Can I rewind the UP Junior Teacher online coaching class again, in case I missed any of the class?

    Yes, after the Live Class for UP Junior Teacher is over, we upload the entire class online so that those who missed the online class can watch later the entire session from the beginning.

  • How to use the ‘Doubt’ feature of UP Junior Teacher Online Classes? How will my questions be answered?

    During the Live Coaching Classes of UP Junior Teacher, you can ask your doubts directly to the faculty teaching at that time. Make sure you drop your doubts in the ‘Doubts’ section. You can even attach the relevant graphic media (screenshot/photo) while posting your doubt.

  • I am having some technical trouble while using the Online Coaching Classes for UP Junior Teacher, where do I contact?

    If you encounter any technical trouble or buffering/broadcast issues you can email us at help@byjusexamprep.com. 

  • What will be the timing of the UP Junior Teacher Online Coaching Classes?

    The complete schedule of Online Coaching Class for UP Junior Teacher exam will be provided to you. You can prepare your schedule and attend the Live Classes as per the time-table. You can watch the pre-recorded classes in case you miss any.

  • Can I also download the Online Video Courses for UP Junior Teacher?

    The videos can be downloaded and watched offline in the BYJU'S Exam Prep app under "My Downloaded Videos" section. This feature is only accessible for the students who have purchased the Online Classroom Program Subscription. These videos will be available until the expiry of Online Classroom Program Subscription.

  • Will I get study material along with the Online Coaching Classes for UP Junior Teacher?

    You will be provided with the complete study material for UP Junior Teacher in the form of PDFs. You can take a printout of the PDFs provided during the video courses for revision purpose.

  • What are the technical requirements to use the UP Junior Teacher Video Courses?

    Make sure you fulfill the below-mentioned requirements:

    • High-Speed Internet 
    • Laptop/Desktop with a dual-core processor and 2 GB RAM
    • Or a smartphone.
  • Can I make payment of the UP Junior Teacher Online Coaching Classes offline also?

    The payment for UP Junior Teacher online coaching class will be made online only through Online Classroom Program Subscription. You can pay through net banking/cards/UPI.