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BARC CE 2018 "Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engg." Nuclear Quiz 2

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Question 1

The plasticity characteristics of clays are due to

Question 2

A fine grained soil is found to be plastic in the water content range of 26-48%. As per Indian Standard Classification System, the soil is classified as

Question 3

The relationship between porosity, specific yield (Sy) and specific retention (Sr) of an unconfined aquifer is

Question 4

A fully saturated capillary zone of thickness 1.5 m exists above water table in fine silty sand deposit, then the pore water pressure (in kN/m2) at 1 m above the water table is

Question 5

Uplift pressures at paints E and D (Figure A) of a straight horizontal floor of negligible thickness with a sheet pile at downstream end are 28% and 20%, respectively. If the sheet pile is at the upstream end of the floor (Figure B), the uplift pressures at points D1 and C1 are
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