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Morning GA Dose- Banking Awareness: 1st June 2020

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Question 1

Which payments bank has collaborated with Mastercard to create customised financial products for Indian farmers and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)?

Question 2

Which bank has received approval from SEBI to offer custodial services for silver bullion contracts?

Question 3

The Indian government has decided to withdraw which of the following Bonds?

Question 4

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will raise Rs80,000 crore by selling cash management bills (CMB), CMBs in India are non-standard, discounted instruments issued for maturities less than ________.

Question 5

Name the India’s leading public sector NBFCs which has entered into an agreement with Narmada Basin Projects Company Ltd. (NBPCL) to fund projects worth ₹22,000 crore in Madhya Pradesh.

Question 6

The country's largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) joined hands with which of the following banks to offer retail financing schemes to its customers?

Question 7

Which financial organizations has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) based chatbot, PAi, to create awareness around its products like FASTag, RuPay, UPI, AePS on a real time basis?

Question 8

Market Regulator the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has imposed a penalty of ₹7 lakh on which of the following PSUs for delay in disclosing financial results?

Question 9

In the first meeting of the 15th Finance Commission’s on Fiscal Consolidation Roadmap it estimated India’s GDP growth to ________in the financial year 2020-21.

Question 10

The Reserve Bank of India has reduced the Repo Rate to what percent?
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