Zero to Hero for NDA II 2022: Trigonometric Equations

By Dhruv Kumar|Updated : June 10th, 2022

Trigonometric equations is a scoring topic from NDA exam point of view as every year many questions are asked from this topic. Every candidate should take care of not letting go easy marks from this topic. To revise effectively read and revise from the Differential Equations Short Notes. You can also download Indefinite Integration notes PDF at end of the post.

The equations that involve the trigonometric functions of a variable are called trigonometric equations. In the upcoming discussion, we will try to find the solutions of such equations. These equations have one or more trigonometric ratio of unknown angles. For example, , is a trigonometric equation which does not satisfy all the values of x. Hence for such equations, we have to find the values of x or find the solution.

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