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Z Transform Achievers Practice Quiz -2

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Question 1

The causal signal with z-transform z2(z – a)–2 is: (u[n] is the unit step signal).

Question 2

The z-transform X[z] of a sequence x[n] is given by. It is given that the region of convergence of X[z] includes the unit circle. The value of x[0] is:

Question 3

Let x[n] = x[−n] and X[Z] be the z-transform of If is a zero o X(z), which one of the following must also be a zero of X(z).

Question 4

Suppose x[n] is an absolutely summable discrete-time signal. Its z-transform is a rational function with two poles and two zeroes. The poles are at z = ±2j. Which one of the following statements is TRUE for the signal x[n]?

Question 5

The z-transform of the sequence x[n] is given by  with the region of

Question 6Multiple Correct Options

The transfer function of a discrete time LTI system is given by

Which one of the following statements are true in the given option: [Multi Select Question]

Question 7

Consider a discrete time signal given x(n) = (–0.25)nu(n) + (5)nu(–n–1) The region of convergence of its Z-transform would be.
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