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XAT Online Coaching 2021 is a smart initiative by BYJU'S Exam Prep to revolutionize the study process so that the learning becomes more effective and efficient. XAT Online live classes is a collection of all the necessary tools and resources which are the best of all the resources that are there on the internet. With XAT live classes you will be able to include all the dimensions of learning. The classes are taken by expert and experienced faculties who impart the lessons with the best strategies. The study materials are quality material which covers every single topic in detail.

Cracking XAT exam has never been easy. But with BYJU'S Exam Prep XAT Online Classroom Program, you can easily cover the syllabus smoothly and make the preparation journey easy and trouble-free. With BYJU'S Exam Prep XAT Online Classroom Program you can easily avail the classes and best study material not only for XAT exams but also for all other exams that fall under the same category. It an amazing option that provides all the material in one platform without any wastage of time.

XAT Online Coaching 2021: Key Highlights

50+ Online Live Classes

With more than 50 live classes you can easily cover the entire syllabus effectively. These live classes also facilitate you with effective doubt sessions so that you can clear your doubts instantly. The classes are taken by the expert guidance (by MBA exam toppers) who keep concept clarity and instant doubt resolution at priority. The classes are helpful in building basic concepts and facilitate you with effective learning.

40+ Mock Tests

Mock tests play a very important role in reinforcing the topics. Practicing more than 40 mock tests will help you in thorough revision. With these mock tests, you will have a proper recall of the entire syllabus so that you can be proficient in your preparation. Also, you get a day-wise study plan along with mock tests to help you in bringing accuracy and speed so that no question is left untempted.

Quizzes and PDFs

With comprehensive quizzes & live classes, you will be able to test your knowledge and make you more sound with the topics. Every quiz covers every topic minutely so that no topic is left unassessed. The quizzes are an effective tool to check your daily preparation. In addition to this, we provide you with PDFs of the topics which prove to be the best resource for revisions and reinforcement. 

5000+ Practice Questions

With more than 5000 practice questions, you will be able to proficiently solve all the types of questions that are associated with any topic. The variety of questions including a comprehensive decision making & VARC preparation program will make you aware of all the kinds of questions that are probable to come in the exam. These practice questions test students in different ways so that there is no confusion and mistake.

XAT 2021 Exam

XAT stands for Xavier Aptitude Test which is conducted by XLRI college for admission in different courses like MBA, PGDM, etc. The exam is taken by lakhs of students every year. Through this exam, students are enrolled in the prestigious college which further upholds magnificent career opportunities. With increasing competition every year, the XAT exam has seen an increased level of difficulty. The exam is cleared by a very selected number of students who qualify all the rounds of assessments. XAT is an immensely anticipated exam and proves to be one of the most important exams for students who seek admission to an MBA.

BYJU'S Exam Prep XAT Online Classroom Program

BYJU'S Exam Prep XAT Online Classroom Program is a smart method to ace the MBA exams with a sure shot of cracking these exams. BYJU'S Exam Prep XAT Online Classroom Program enables you to utilize the best study resources for all the exams falling under the same category. By finding all the necessary resources for all the exams in one platform saves you from the hassle of searching for study material for individual MBA exams over the internet. With BYJU'S Exam Prep XAT Online Classroom Program you can find the entire study curriculum for all the MBA exams in one place.

Our Expert Faculty

Faculty Name



Saral Nashier

Quant & DILR expert
  • 16+ Years of teaching experience
  • 100 percentile in QA & DILR, CAT ( Multiple Occasions

Salik Ahmad

 GK & Current Affairs Expert
  • Years of experience in teaching GK & Current Affairs

Pranav Pant
Pranav Pant

Quant and DILR Expert
  • MBA from FMS Delhi, DU 
  • Scored 99.9+ percentile in Quant and DI LR sections of CAT on multiple occasions

Shiva Sihag

VARC Expert
  • Expertise across competitive examination spectrum (Banking, CAT, CLAT, CSAT, GMAT, GRE, SAT)
  • Mentored thousands of students over 8+ years
  • Strong pedigree in the pedagogy of in English and Verbal Ability

Sanoujam Dasobanta
Sanoujam Dasobanta

VARC Expert
  • 17+ Years of Experience teaching VARC
  • Mentored 75000+ Students

Ankur Tomar

QA Expert
  • 12 Years of Experience in Mentoring MBA and Banking and Other Aptitude Exam Aspirants

Vikas Dahiya

Quant & DILR Expert
  • 15+ Years of Experience teaching for CAT & GMAT
  • 99.9+ Percentile in QA, CAT ( Multiple Occasions)

Nikita Gupta

VARC Expert
  • 99.9%ile in VARC (CAT2016).
  • Mentored over 5000+ Students.

How to enrol for XAT 2021 Online Coaching?

  • Go to the official site of BYJU'S Exam Prep.
  • Select the ‘BYJU'S Exam Prep Course’ section.
  • Select the ‘CAT & MBA’ section.
  • Experience the quality and standard of XAT Online Coaching by opting for a free trial.
  • You can purchase the MBA Online Classroom Program to elevate your performance.

What do you require to access the XAT Online Classes?

To access the XAT online coaching class, you must have:

  • HeadPhone (If required)
  • A Dual-core processor and 2 GB RAM Laptop or Desktop
  • Internet (2-3 MBPS Broadband) or 3G Data Card
XAT Online Coaching FAQs
  • Is 'Gradeup' and 'BYJU’S Exam Prep' the same? If yes, what does BYJU'S Exam Prep Offer?

    Gradeup is now BYJU'S Exam Prep that offers the most comprehensive preparation for all exams. Get Monthly/Weekly Current Affairs, Daily GK Update, Online Courses, Latest Pattern Test Series and detailed Study Material from the top faculty at your fingertips. Want to learn more? Do not hesitate to contact our customer care here.

  • What is XAT Online Coaching? How can I enrol in the Video Courses?

    Online Coaching Classes for XAT is a modern and well-organised approach to study and prepare for the exam remotely. Unlike the traditional XAT coaching classes, you can rewind the class and get one-on-one experience with top faculties of India. With online coaching classes for XAT, you can clear your doubts, practice various questions, learn anytime-anywhere at your pace and save time. 

    To enrol for the XAT Online Coaching Classes by BYJU'S Exam Prep, follow the below steps:

    • Visit the official site of BYJU'S Exam Prep - byjusexamprep.com
    • Now go to the ‘Courses’ section 
    • Choose the MBA category 
    • Now click on the exam
    • Take free trial classes before you purchase the BYJU'S Exam Prep’s Online Live Courses
  • What is XAT Online Classroom Program Subscription?

    XAT Online Classroom Program Subscription enables you to prepare for the XAT exam along with other MBA exams using one preparation resource. It is a subscription that gives you unlimited access to all live courses and mock tests.

  • What is the validity of XAT Online Classroom Program Subscription?

    The validity of XAT Online Classroom Program Subscription varies as per the candidate’s choice and need. BYJU'S Exam Prep offers several validity options ranging from 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and 24 months.

  • Do I get XAT mock test with XAT Online Classroom Program Subscription?

    Yes, you also get access to all XAT mock tests along with other MBA mock tests with Online Classroom Program Subscription. On top of that, you get a Test Series complimentary with every purchase of Online Classroom Program subscription.

  • Is there any validity for using the purchased XAT Online Coaching Classes?

    Yes, there is a set validity for Online Classroom Program Subscription. Make sure you read the validity and other related details carefully before you make the payment for Online Classroom Program Subscription. XAT online classes will be available until the expiry of Online Classroom Program Subscription.

  • Do I have to pay to take ‘Free-Trial’ for XAT Online Courses?

    To take the trial of XAT online coaching class, you don’t need to pay anything. You can take the trial for free.

  • Can I rewind the XAT online coaching class again, in case I missed any of the class?

    Yes, after the Live Class for XAT is over, we upload the entire class online so that those who missed the online class can watch later the entire session from the beginning.

  • How to use the ‘Doubt’ feature of XAT Online Classes? How will my questions be answered?

    During the Live Coaching Classes of XAT, you can ask your doubts directly to the faculty teaching at that time. Make sure you drop your doubts in the ‘Doubts’ section. You can even attach the relevant graphic media (screenshot/photo) while posting your doubt.

  • I am having some technical trouble while using the Online Coaching Classes for XAT, where do I contact?

    If you encounter any technical trouble or buffering/broadcast issues you can email us at [email protected]

  • What will be the timing of the XAT Online Coaching Classes?

    The complete schedule of Online Coaching Class for XAT exam will be provided to you. You can prepare your schedule and attend the Live Classes as per the time-table. You can watch the pre-recorded classes in case you miss any.

  • Can I also download the Online Video Courses for XAT?

    The videos can be downloaded and watched offline in the BYJU'S Exam Prep app under "My Downloaded Videos" section. This feature is only accessible for the students who have purchased the Online Classroom Program Subscription. These videos will be available until the expiry of Online Classroom Program Subscription.

  • Will I get study material along with the Online Coaching Classes for XAT?

    You will be provided with the complete study material for XAT in the form of PDFs. You can take a printout of the PDFs provided during the video courses for revision purpose.

  • What are the technical requirements to use the XAT Video Courses?

    Make sure you fulfil the below-mentioned requirements: 

    • High-Speed Internet 
    • Laptop/Desktop with a dual-core processor and 2 GB RAM
    • Or a smartphone.

  • Can I make payment of the XAT Online Coaching Classes offline also?

    The payment for XAT online coaching class will be made online only through Online Classroom Program Subscription. You can pay through net banking/cards/UPI.