WWW is Based on Which Model?

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : August 23rd, 2022

WWW or the World Wide Web, is the dominant software platform used all over the world. It can be described as an information space that stores documents and other web resources that can be obtained using a web browser and the internet. But do you know WWW is based on which model? The answer is a client-server model. Keep reading to learn more about the World Wide Web.


WWW is based on a Client-Server Model

The World Wide Web makes information accessible to the whole planet and works along with the client-server model of the internet. It stores and transfers the information to display when the users request it.


WWW is Based on Which Model?

The World Wide Web which is also known as WWW is based on the client-server model. With the help of the internet, the WWW can be accessed from anywhere in the world and helps store and transfer information that is requested by users.


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