Write the Differences Between Actual and Potential Resources

By Shivank Goel|Updated : September 5th, 2022

Potential resources are those that are already existent in a specific area but have future utility. The resource's precise quantity and consistency are unknown. Contrarily, actual resources are those whose quantity is known and which are now in use. The resources that were surveyed were those with the highest amount and consistency. Here we will learn the difference between actual and potential resources.

Actual and Potential Resources

Actual resources are those whose quantities are known and in use. Actual resources include coal, water, and gasoline. They are being used at the moment. Potential resources exist in a specific area and have future utility. Future usage of technology is conceivable as it develops. The following are the differences between actual and potential resources:

Actual Resources

Potential Resources

A resource that we use is available is actual resources.

A potential resource is not currently being utilized.

In the past, an actual resource might have been a potential resource. It might transpire in the future.

A potential resource might become helpful and become one in the future.

An actual resource's exact supply is known.

The total amount of a potential resource may be unknown.

Examples include Ladakh's uranium resources.

Examples include coal reserves.

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  • Potential resources are those whose exact number is unknown and not currently in use. The available resources are those whose quantity is known. These resources are now being utilized.

  • Resources present in a location that may be used in the future are referred to as potential resources. As a result, uranium is recognized as a prospective resource when there isn't a well-established, profit-driven technology to extract it cheaply.

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