Write the Difference Between Market and Non-Market Activities

By Shivank Goel|Updated : September 8th, 2022

A market is a place where consumers and sellers engage in the trade of various products and services. Market activity refers to the situation in which a consumer exchanges money for a good or service. On the other hand, non-market activities involve no such exchange. Here, we have discussed the difference between market and non-market activities:

Market Activities

Non-Market Activities

Activities that involve exchanging goods or services for monetary payments.

Activities that do not involve the exchange of goods and services.

The purpose of market activities is to earn revenue or buy a good or service.

The purpose of non-market activities is self-consumption.

Earning profit can be the result of market activities.

Profit cannot be earned through non-market activities.

E.g., Buying and selling textiles.

E.g., Cultivating crops for personal consumption.

Difference Between Market and Non-Market Activities

The difference between market and non-market activities is that the former involves the trading of goods and services for money while the latter does not. Non-market activity is done for self-consumption and not with the intention of making a profit or engaging in trade.

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  • Market activities are different from non-market activities because they involve the trading of goods and services for monetary profit. Non-market activities, on the other hand, are conducted for self-consumption.

  • Examples of market activities include buying or selling products like clothing, shoes, food products, etc. An example of non-market activity is cultivating crops for self-consumption.

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