Write the advantages and the disadvantage of the computer.

By Ritesh|Updated : November 11th, 2022

Computer helps in making decisions easier as they can involve more knowledge and data. One limitation is that it is costly to purchase the correct equipment for a computer having a lot of computer memory space. A computer is an electronic device used to manipulate data or information. It has the ability to download, process, and store information. A computer can be used to type documents, send emails, play online games, and perform Internet searches. It allows users to edit presentations, films, graphs, and charts.

Advantages of computer

  • The human mind can store a lot of information that can be utilised to make decisions, while a computer's brain can store much more information and knowledge.
  • Data can be processed by computers even more quickly than by the human brain.

A computer is an electronic device that receives data and converts it into useful information. The computer has two primary components:

  • Data entered into the computer is referred to as input. Essentially, the input consists of unprocessed data that we want the system to analyse and output.
  • Output: The response a computer gives in response to user input of unprocessed data

Disadvantages of computer

  • One barrier is the expensive expense of investing in the proper computer hardware, which necessitates a sizeable amount of computer memory.
  • It is bad for the eyes and keeps them from learning.
  • We are all at risk from the harmful radiation that it releases, among other things.


Write the advantages and the disadvantage of the computer.

A computer makes decision-making simpler since it can incorporate more knowledge and facts. One drawback is the high expense of buying the right equipment, which includes a computer with a lot of RAM.


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