Write five merits and demerits of democracy

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : June 20th, 2022

Democracy refers to the political structure where the citizens of a country elect the nation’s representatives. Hence, the people of the country have the power of decision-making and the government can be changed after every few years.

Read further to understand the merits and demerits of this political structure:

Merits of Democracy:

  1. Democracy offers a choice to the citizens to change the representatives every few years.
  2. The right to vote and choose is given to every citizen equally despite their gender, financial status, religion, etc. 
  3. A democratic government is answerable to the people and a more responsible government.
  4. Democracy strengthens the integrity of the people of the country.
  5. Democracy helps the citizens fix their mistakes as no government is permanent. 

Demerits of Democracy:

  1. Since the representatives and leaders of the country keep changing, it can feel like an unstable structure.
  2. Democracy also includes power play and heavy political competition. Hence, it doesn’t leave much scope for ethics and morality.
  3. Since various people have to be consulted in a democratic government, it can lead to delays and a slow process.
  4. There is more scope for corruption as it is an electoral competition.
  5. Many citizens are unaware and don’t understand what is good for them. This means they are not able to make decisions.



What are the merits and demerits of Democracy?

Like any other political structure, there are various merits and demerits of democracy. However, the pros often outweigh the cons as a democratic government ensures that the people of the country get a fair opportunity to choose their representatives. Moreover, a democracy ensures that every government is temporary and will be changed after the prescribed tenure. 

On the contrary, democracy is an unstable government that is made through heavy political competition and power play. Thus, it can lead to corruption, no scope for morality, and a slow decision-making process.


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