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By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : August 26th, 2022

The peninsular plateau is divided by the river Narmada into two parts the central highlands and Deccan Plateau. The central highlands extend from the Narmada river and the northern plains. They are also called the Madhya Bharat Pathar or Madhya Bharat Plateau. Most of the plateau in the central highlands comprises the basin of the Chambal river which flows in a rift valley.

Central Highlands

The central highlands are to the east of the Marwar or Mewar Upland. They are bounded to the west by the Aravallis. The elevation of the central highlands is 700 to1000 m above the mean sea level. It slopes towards the north and northeastern directions. The highlands consist of:

  • Marwar upland
  • Malwa plateau
  • Madhya Bharat Pathar
  • Bundelkhand plateau
  • Chhotanagpur plateau
  • Baghelkhand plateau

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  • The central highlands are located to the North of the Narmada river, the Satpura and the Vindhya ranges lie in the south and the Aravallis mountains bound them

  • The important rivers of the central highlands are Sindh, Ken, Chambal, and Betwa. The minor plateaus of the central highlands are Malwa Plateau, Bundelkhand Plateau, Baghelkhand Plateau, and Chota Nagpur Plateau

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